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Barbaroslar Animated (Barbarosa Cartoon ) Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles HD

Barbaroslar Season 1 in Urdu Subtitles by Mr Turk Tv We take it from the oppressors and give it to the innocent. Ancestral Soul Day This is a day of sacrifice. Far Name Barbaroslar Season 1 in Urdu subtitles by PakTurk tvTurks The joy of life The power of faith Day With the pure blood of Genghis Khan It’s a day of phlegm Now come and go everywhere Say the word phlegm.

I came to these countries to collect enough tax

Have a statue of me and my golden wanderer. Or your children, your Avrati, your soul, if he knows. His former name was Osman Osman, Zohre. How is gold won? The first Ottomans show us the time of death. Then he consented to his illness. Is that an achievement? This is a trick. Think about what we would do without Osman. Ladies, stop arguing.

Fortunately, we were also able to solve this problem.

Thank you Lord. What are these sounds? Father. mongolians. So that’s what Alishar meant. Tell Genghis to go underground. Tell souls far in the sky. If you refuse, I swear I will reap your honeymoon in the cradle. Mr. Bamzi. They brought back the gold. But the dog we killed belonged to Balgai. we have it. Not gold or military? Balgai’s problem is different. He stormed the caravanserai. Everyone knows who Alishar is. That’s what my ottoman wants.

May Allah grant us all glorious happiness,

Bamsey Bay. May Allah not let us die without killing three or five of them. Amen. Thank you my son. Sit down. They say the fish stinks from the head, a wrestler is better than a wrestler, there is a man better than a man. The number of our Balgai enemies is our courage. Your grandfather Suleiman Shah Your father was Ertugrul Gazi. Barbaroslar Season 1 in Urdu subtitles from PakTurkTV

Now you too, Sechelem returned to Oguz Kaan.

If you try to count, your life is not enough. If I try to kill you, that’s enough. Then give me my wallet and I’ll take your head. For me you will get so many heads, so many battles to fight, if you have to conquer dozens of castles, what is Balgai head? I remember that well and here I am, Osman Bey. What is your profession

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