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Destan Episode 21 English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 20 Review

In Destan Episode 21,

In Destan Episode 21, Alpagu meets Kaya after attacking Kolpan and Balamir. Understanding what his father had done, Kaya prepared to go to the Western Khanate with him. Saltuk does his best to prevent Kolpan’s death and wants to take him to the Western Khanate. Batuga stops Saltuk and says they need to take him somewhere else. Balamir’s troops saw Alpagu approaching and prepared to attack.

Akiz returns to the tribe and tells Batuga that he talked to May. Akiz started to tell what he had learned about Varga. Kuzu kills the musicians who went to the wedding and asks the spies to take their place. Akiz believes that Gok will attack the wedding and asks to set many traps in the forest. Saltuk attends the wedding. Temur talks to Tutkun and says he still wants it.
Kuzu the Spy kept an eye on Batuga. May called Ibek and said she would give her daughter smallpox medicine. Ibek went to the quarantine tent in May. Ibek says he wants to see his daughter, but Temur stops him and says Ellie is dead. Batuga and his friends cover Kun Ata’s body with stones in the forest. Batuga says they will move to a better place. Temur finds out where Alaka is and shares this information with Akiz.


Destan Episode 21 Akiz visits Kolpan and tells him that it is time for revenge. Meanwhile, Gok’s army arrives. Akiz left the tribe and saw a Muslim boy by the river. While Akiz was talking to this boy, the soldiers came and said that they were looking for the two headed wolf. Akiz then put on his mask and attacked these soldiers.

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Alfagu asked where Kuzu was. Edge said he sent Kuzu to check the quarantine tent. Everyone who ate at the wedding tonight suddenly fell asleep. Realizing that something was wrong, Akiz told Batuga to be careful. The spy who was dancing at the wedding suddenly started attacking everyone in the tribe. Batuga realized that he couldn’t defend himself and started running slowly. Gunseli goes to May’s room with this woman. Akiz appears as May tries to find out what happened. Gunseli says May will now work for Batuga. Akiz asks May to find her mother and keeps asking her questions.

Akiz says the prisoners are now free and gives them gold in the chest. Sirma checks the confiscated handkerchief and says thanks to that he can now get married. After a while, Alpagu and his troops reached the attack site. Temur sends soldiers to look for the two-headed wolf and tells his father that he must go to a safe place.

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Batuga goes to Doug and arranges Kolpan’s funeral. The tribal people are very saddened by Kolpan’s death. Batuga says he will take revenge on Kolpan in a bit. Batuga said the Novruz celebrations were about to start. Kalair starts saying that Gunseli is pregnant so that she can stay in the palace. Alpagu spoke to the chiefs and told them what they had done to the traitors.

Destan Episode 21 As Batuga prepares for the ceremony, Gunseli sends a message. Batuga says he will find out where Akiz’s mother is soon. Kun Ata mentions the Batuga family and announces them as Doug’s new inn. The whole tribe is happy that Batuga is the khan. Batuga sat on the throne and ordered the start of the Novruz celebrations. Ibek tells Edge that Balamir said something to Batuga before he died. Alpagu asked Alaka some questions. Alaka learns that her husband is dead, but their daughter is still alive. Kalair calls a shaman to the palace to check Gunseli’s health.

Destan Episode 21 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 21 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 21 Trailer English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

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