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The relation between Israel and UAE remain tense since the independence of UAE due to Arab countries firm stand against Israel on Palestinian conflict. His founding members declare Israel as an enemy state after its independence. The UAE and the America both has been involved in strategic relationship since 1990 Gulf War. Israel is also remain the most important factor in the US foreign policy. The good relationship these two countries had soften their attitude and make them able to show flexibility for the constructive relationship.

The common aim, strategic policy and enemy had convinced the policy maker of these to move forward. Toward new Era of trade and cooperation in different fields which served their interest at best possible way. They are going to make a story web of relationship to counter their strong revival Iran with the assistance of US these two countries singed an agreement known as Abraham Accord on 13 August 2020 to formally normalized its relationship. The perception this agreement is that it the first step peace stability in the middle east. The agreement is about to end. The long lasting Palestinian conflict which put the whole region into the waves of destruction. It is the first step to integrate the whole region economical which will further strengthen UAE position against Iran and will help US to target Iran through most effective weapons Israel.

Israeli, UAE foreign ministers to meet in Germany on Tuesday – Ghana Talks  Radio | A Modern Ghana Radio Station

No doubt, the abraham Accord will, fruitful for the peace and prosperity, of the Middle East, It will all of there stakes to deal with the challenges most effectively. UAE will further advance its strategic aim with collaboration of Israel and US now UAE will be the front line state to fought against the so called Iranian threat similarly this agreement will enable UAE to utilize the Israeli technology for the betterment of their people and tourists as well the main force behind this agreement is the visionary leadership of UAE and this is also the innovative idea to further strengthen the UAE economy and increase the country security as well.

The Abraham Accord was claimed by President or major foreign policy success and it is because no other its president could normalize relations between Arab world and Israel. However there are some internal factors at its and Israel which push Trump and nether yehi to formalize agreement with UAE. President Trump aim was to use the agreement in their election campaign and nether yehi want detract people from corruption charges on him.

The agreement face strong reaction from different states around the world. However the majority of countries congratulate the parties for the successful diplomacy. Iran declare the agreement the UAE detractness from the right path. Similarly Palestinian people show serious concerns about the agreement that will weaken the Palestine case against Israel. However UAE declare this a major relief for Palestinian as well because under this agreement Israel will stop annexation of west Bank
This Agreement has the Potential to integrate the regional into an economic web. It will reduce the chance of war and conflict while bring countries towards negotiations for solution of conflict. It will also attract other same minded Arab countries to normalized its relation with Israel. This scenario will make strengthen the American position in changing Geo _ strategic and Geo _political environment.
Its seem that the region will be divide in major block in the race of regional dominance.

umaiya khan 🇵🇸 on Twitter: "#UAE decision to reach peace agreement with  #Israel is unacceptable considering the scenario in #Palestine It shows how  impotent is #UAE Mass murder of kids women years

Under the leadership of President Trump, a major transformation has been taken place in the middle east. Israel and United Arab Emirates have ended up their long lasting isolation from each other due to Palestinian conflict. The changing geo political environment had made it inevitable for US to play an important role for normalizing their relations for strengthening the is Israel for securing Us interests in middle east to maintain Us primacy in the region and make it easier to achieve greater Israel dream.

The Abraham accord has opened new doors for cooperation which will eliminate religious intolerance to bring peace and harmony between Abrahamic families. The pragmatic approach followed by the Uae has long standing implications for other Arab states which will change the common perception inside the Muslim states regarding the Israel. This step has been by taken by Uae to strengthen its economy, defence, technology and open a door for tourists by following idealistic approach. Iran is also an important factor in this regard.

Us wants to strengthen Israel for regional dominance. So the study postulates that the smart approach by the Uae will attract other Arab nations as , Bahrain and Sudan did , to normalize relations with Israel because they come on this point that there is no benefit of isolation from Israel.

If we look at the relationship between Israel and other Arab countries since the creation of Israel then we came to know that they have been very rude and aggressive with each other. If we look at conflicts then we have different wars between them and a long standing diplomatic cut offs despite have in same region and sharing borders. So there have been up to seven decades of this rivalry but they couldn’t come up to a result .

But at the end of 2020 Israel and Uae have signed a deal name Abrahamic accord which helped them to open their diplomatic ties with each other and have normal relations with each other. So they both agreed on trade and cooperation rather than to fought war and isolation from one another. So they opted idealistic approach to start a new journey.

This paper is based on the theory of International relations named idealism which emphasizes on improving the relations by eliminating war, hunger, tyranny, suppression, and to have cooperation with each other. This approach advocates morality as a mean of securing desired objectives of making this world an ideal world by eliminating all negative things and by cooperation.

This theory will justify that Uae has changed its historical stance towards Israel and followed the path of trade and cooperation which will push other countries to do so . The cooperation and trade will reduce the chance of conflict and will bring peace and stability in the middle east.

Israel is well known for its wealth due to which they have most crucial role in the world economy. They are playing the most important role in American economy and their is a strong perception that Israel and jews lobby is the basic force behind the US economic strength.

The Jewish economic influence is not limited only to US but it has major role important European countries as well. Furthermore their is another perception that Israel is controlling different media houses in all over the world for building the pro-Israel narrative.

Bishop says normalization of relations between Israel, UAE, can bring peace  - UCA News

The purpose behind this is to promote the positive image of Israel and defend them on different war crimes like genocide in Palestine, illegal occupation of Palestinian land and involvement in the violation of nuclear proliferation Treaty. Due to These factors no country can against Israel in the international system. It’s provide an exemption to Israel from following basic norms and rules given by united nations organization.

Iran and Saudi Arab are two most powerful States in the Middle East and their is continuously rivalry between these two countries for regional dominance. Iran is the Shias dominant country while Saudi Arabia is acting leader of Sunnis Muslim.

The sectarian differences has further heightened their rivalry due to which these two States consider each other as security threat. The rivalry of Iran with US and Israel compelled US, israel and Saudi Arab to make alliance against Iran which is the common rival of all these countries. The main reason which provide base to normalize the relations between Israel and Saudi Arab led counter is Iranian threat.

The normalize will strengthen their position against Iran and it will increase the security of UAE as well strategic interests of these countries play role for normalization of relations.

The strong military and advance technological weapon has brought serious consequences for the Arab world. It was not possible to deter against Israel and on the other hand their historical rival Iran. This scenario have put the regional security into troubles.

Therefore the only lift with the GCC States to normalize it’s relations with Israel which can serve their strategic interests. On the basis of cause benefit analysis the countries under Saudi influence is continuously extending it’s relations with Israel to the next level. It show that regional security issues is the major factor in normalization of their relations.

ANALYSIS - UAE, Israel develop discreet ties under UN agency cover

The new geo-political has going to change the whole scenario of middle east in which the countries under the influence of saudi Arab will make strong alliance with the US and Israel to establish their dominance and counter their common rival Iran.

The current accord is just initial step towards cooperation and enhancing their bilateral relations in different sectors. The good relations with Israel will bring many advantages for UAE, strengthening their economy, bolstering its security, easy access to new technology and effectively targeting Iran.

Furthermore the Israeli lobby will stop its compaign against these countries in the United States and it may push the US to strongly support the UAE against the Shia dominate country Iran which is the biggest enemy of Israel. The improvements in the relations will bring the the long lasting peace in the middle east which will end all the conflict with the passage of time.

The cooperation in different sectors will boost the economy of these and will decrease UAE dependence on oil field. The deepening of interconnectedness will encourage the public and private sectors of both countries to promote bilateral tourism with cultural exchange programs and scholarships.

Israel–United Arab Emirates relations - Wikipedia

Although this accord brings major relief for Palestinians as well but in future it’s seems that Israel-Palestine conflict will became irrelevant in the foreign policy of different Arab countries, only their interests will determine their foreign policy.

It’s has proven that Arab countries can’t use relegion as a tools to claim the so called leadership of Islamic world. This scenario have attracted other Islamic countries as well to fill the vacuum of in leading the Islamic world. In future the other Arab countries will follow the same path to normalized its relation with Israel which enables the whole region to serve their interests and promote their agenda in the all over the Middle East.

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