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Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle Free of cost

Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle

We look forward to your orders. Don’t let them escape Run, run, run, run! run run All units, surround the area! Understood. Keep your eyes open , let go, let go! Toma 1 is entered from 23rd Street. Got it,Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle I’m going there now. Toma 2 entered at 114th Street. All units, we are detaining all elements that you consider suspicious. Understood sir.

You on the other hand We are on 114th Street. Suspects have appeared here. Wait, wait, wait, wait run away Hurry this way get out! Come here let ‘s go! Stop there What is happening?Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle I did not do anything Run, run, run, run, run Coming this way! let’s go ! Let’s stand up! get up Team 1, approaching the suspect’s home. –

Got it, ok. We are about to enter the house. Lie down, lie down, lie down on the ground Why should we lie down, dear we women? kneel down slow down! What’s going on?Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle She is your mother’s age. Shhh! For God’s sake, Doan. what mother Shut up, search everywhere. Team 4 continues the search. Understood Many weapons were seized.

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