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Seddulbahir Episode 3 Urdu subtitles

With the exceptionally well known entertainer, this series tells related with the dispute of the astounding 32-hour in Seddulbahir. Canakkale is the central area for its set. Different weapons and outfits were prepared to show the watcher the period. The strongholds and coordinates are utilized in the fight scenes.

This series is essentially containing four episodes and in some place almost four months it is finished.
In Seddulbahir 32 Saat Series, The Ottoman Empire requires more officials in the First World War. Sergeant illuminates his family that he is doing OK. While Major Mahmud organized his men to seek after against the British. The British need to take Istanbul. Ottoman bosses begin to safeguard the Canakkale against the competitors of French, British and Anzac and from different nations. Hussein watches out for the competitors who went to his town and makes blueprints to join the World War. Metal forger Ramiz concurs and goes with them leaving his small child with Hatice. The posterity of Ramiz can’t perceive this partition.

The officials of Turkish stay at their places and influence obstruction against the British who to have made an appearance on the pot. The Marshal Pasha of German comes to comprehend that this is a phony development and the British will seek after from another shore. The Pasha of the Ottoman recommends more legends at any rate Marshal Liman doesn’t consent to help. English competitors were in gigantic numbers as contrast with Ottoman contenders. Mahmud Sabri needs to help his bosses. Liman says these assaults are phony and need to help. Cevat Pasha doesn’t understand the assessment of Liman and sends a get-together to Seddulbahir. The escort is lightening the hurt authorities and gets a few information about Hussein. Major Mahmud orders to counterattack towards the British.

In Sedd├╝lbahir 32 Saat Series, Cevat Pasha thinks about the authentic game-plan of Liman and goes to his office to meet him. Cevat Pasha tells that they will win in the conflict especially like March 18. Hussein falls among the dead heroes during the assault. Zeliha gets a few information about Hussein from Mehmet. In any case, Mehmet begins searching for Hussein. Halil Sami goes to central command and meets major Mahmud. Halil values the champions for their battle. Halil says to hang on for the choice of Liman for another assault.

After the conflict of Sabri and Mahmud, Liman has gotten the time he truly cared about. The competitors of Turkish re-appearance of the quarters after they attack. The accomplices of Hussein are worried to take him. Mehmet comes to comprehend that his child is making the contention and this makes him extremely irredeemable. Major Mahmud assembles a short gathering to depict what’s going on of the occasions.

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