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Nizam-e-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Episode 33 urdu subtitles free of cost

In Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 32 Uyani, Zobeyde said that after discussion at the level, everyone should come to the palace. Seeing Batini dead in the city, Melik Shah says that Tekish can rule the city from now on. Tapar disagrees with the current state of affairs, but the sultan says anyone can obey his orders. Zoboe forbids Terken from entering the Sultan’s room because they disrespected the plane and did not allow the Gevhars to enter the palace. The Sultan sent back his soldiers who had come to war, but Tapar continued to cause trouble with Silimzar. Sultan says he can return the city when the time comes, but Tapar doesn’t understand what his father is saying.

According to a dictator created by the Sultan, Sanjar said Toran would do one thing. Sanjar then went to the palace with his mother and Nizam ul Malik. Gevhar talks about sultan’s choice and provokes Tapar. The Sultan went to Nessac and began to tell him about the problem. Nesak says Sultan’s answer is looking for the size of the square hidden inside. While training arrows with soldiers, Toran learns that the Sultan has summoned him to the palace.

Sultan says Sanjar is declared Melik because he is his own son. Sultan says Basolu can get the respect he deserves as she is Melix’s mother. Sanjar says Toran is angry with Dicyzian, but Melik Shah says he can use his anger to destroy him. Sultan then took everyone out of his room and started talking to Basulu himself. However, Melik Shah said he had felt it for years and told Basolu that he would return to the palace whenever he wanted. Sanjar prayed to Allah first and thus started to arrange ceremonies in the palace.

After the ceremony, Toran goes to the Sultan’s room and asks why he made such a decision. Sultan says he made the right decision according to customs officials and asks them to obey his orders. Melik Shah offers. Melik Shah gave Tekish a document stating that he was an employee of Shalamzar and asked him to bring Greek fire supplies. Melik Shah says he is considering giving Sanjar some land to Kerman and the case worries Toran. When Toran came out of the palace, he said he could attack the palace and ascend the throne.

Tekish meets Hassan and tells him that he needs to provide Greek fire supplies. Hassan tells him to stay calm as Sanjar will die before he reaches the palace. Hassan’s followers, like Sanjar, attacked the army carrying the Greek fire. Sanjar defeats the attackers and tells what happened to the Sultan. Melik Shah applies ointment on the wound on Sanjar’s arm. The Sultan then named his son Sanjar and embraced him. Gevhar tries again that night to provoke Tapar. Tapar couldn’t take it anymore and went to the castle garden.

Tapar sees Sanjar there and thanks him. Sanjar takes Tapar and Ali to the plains. Tekish meets Hassan again and says that he persuaded Mithras to attack the Sultan. Faisal believed that the sultan would not visit Kuvel or return to the palace. Toran arrives just as Hassan says they will do anything to support Toran. Toran is angry at Tekish for working with Hassan, but after heeding Hassan’s words, he starts working with them. The next day, several attackers attacked Silimzar and captured Tekish. Toran went to the palace with part of his army but couldn’t see anyone there

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