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Nizam-e-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Episode 5 urdu subtitles free of cost

Great Seljuk Episode 5

Further hassan Sabbah felt that Malik Shah was going to the Kuvel Castle and knew this palace as the great ambassador of the Seljuk Empire. Moreover great Seljuk Episode 5 that night, the Sençer went to Hace Nizam’s secret house and learned what he had learned one by one. The system listens to it and makes a new plan accordingly. Terken Hatun is looking for a new way to get Elcin Hatun out of the castle.

Turna Hatun

When Turna Hatun does a small show for the children, the Fatimids guide goes to her like a healer and starts talking to her. The Sençer watches the show from afar, but Turna Hatun watches it. Further turna Hatun and the Sençer meet in a secret place. Turna Hatun is worried about what his father will do with Sençer. Sultan Malik Shah discussed his aggression path and plans with state officials.

Seljuk Agent

Further malik Shah ordered them to wait for the best time to attack and be ready to hunt. A man went to the bazaar in Shalimzar and started shouting something about the Holy Quran. Therefore the Seljuk agent who listens to him denies this and starts fighting in the market. Ilteber came and killed the man who shouted in the bazaar. Then the market is in ruins and the fighting escalates.

Hassan Sabbah says

Further in Great Seljuk Episode 4, Hassan Sabbah says what he knows approximately the Kuvel Castel human beings and attempts to go there as an ambassador. Sençer rescues and impresses the service provider Behram, whom he spoke to earlier, within the market. Hassan Sabbah goes to Malik Shah’s room and tells all he is aware of about the Kuvel fortress to the Sultan.


Malik Shah asks how Hassan Sabbah learned a lot about the Kuvel fortress. Hassan Sabbah says that he found out these facts for the destiny of the country and how they can manipulate Andreas. Further malik Shah offers the undertaking of going to Kuvel as an ambassador to Hassan Sabbah. Ilteber catches Arslantas and asks him questions about what’s going on inside the marketplace. Behram and Hassan Sabbah go to the chief of the Fatimids.

Chief of the Fatimids

The chief of the Fatimids says that he’s going to avenge the man who died within the marketplace and that they should save the person Ilteber has stuck. Behram says that Sençer saved him today and that he should store the prisoners. Yorgos and a few spies come to the Kinik tribe simply disguised as traders. Korkut, the chief of the obvious, meets the traders and tells him approximately Turkish items.

Byzantine soldiers

In Great Seljuk Episode 4, Commander Andreas and the Byzantine soldiers pray and say that they may kill the Turks. Meanwhile, Hassan Sabbah involves the Kuvel citadel as an envoy. Terken Hatun without delay prepares to go to Malik Shah, who went looking, however, Seferiye Hatun no longer allows her to move. Nizam ul Mulk meets with Sençer once more and tells him that he cannot take the prisoners from Ilteber.

Nizam ul Mulk

Nizam ul Mulk tells Sençer to be cautious. Commander Andreas invites Hassan Sabbah to dinner and talks to him. Hassan Sabbah talks about change offers. Andreas thank you Sultan for what he has completed. Hassan Sabbah talks about Andreas’s uncle and willingly annoys him. Andreas gets even angrier and thinks that he ought to cooperate with Fatimids.

Yorgos Examines Sençer’s Horse

Moreover after leaving the fort, Hassan realizes that a person is residing within the forest and prevents him from examining the surroundings. Sençer and a few spies try to sneak into Ilteber’s house. Yorgos examines Sençer’s horse and tent. Sençer disguises and gives meals to the guards. While Malik Shah and Elcin Hatun are eating after the hunt, an argument ensues. Yorgos sneaks to Sençer mom.

Elcin Hatun

Moreover after consuming the dinner Sençer added, the guards fainted and Sençer took movement. Terken Hatun sets out to inform Malik Shah what he found out about Elcin Hatun. Other guards word Sençer entering the residence. Terken’s car crashes and the car falls over. Elcin Hatun turns her arrow to Malik Shah and shoots an arrow. Turna Hatun does not now recognize that the man coming into the house is Sençer and stabs him in the return.


Ghazali, who defeated the West together with his deep understanding of Isfahan square, had collected the attention of the people and genius Ibn Attaş. Therefore what could be Attaş’s mind-set in the direction of this young scholar who has overtly flagged in opposition to his cases? What type of method will Ibn Attaş observe to do away with Ghazali? Will Nizam ul Mulk be capable of protecting Ghazali from the West? What could be the fate of Ghazali? On the alternative hand, the start of Terken, who needed to conflict with Elçin’s delusions after the accident, had started early. What will Terken Hatun and Malik Shah Count on the top of a protracted and painful beginning?

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