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Red Apple (Kizil Elma) Episode 1 with Urdu Subtitles HD

Byzantium is happy with the current state of peace, my Sultan, Pashas retorted to the Sultan. We don’t have enough strength to knock down their fortifications, as we saw in the last siege we conducted years ago. and one from the opposite side, Rumelia

The Hungarian heretics were quite upset that Brankovich gave you his daughter. But, my Sultan, they will transgress. We continue to receive tax payments from Tuvtko in Bosnia and Toko in Yanya. Bulgaria’s Frujin offers the greatest.

Thus, he arrived in his mother’s chamber. What’s wrong with your face? his mother questioned him. Have you misbehaved recently? Mehmed answered, “I checked the destructive power of the gunpower I increased.”

It’s finally flawless. My Valida, you’ll be OK, Mehmet assured his mother. In Sha Allah, my Shahzade, she cried. The Sultan then said, “My Pashas, Finally, we were able to finish the Serb expedition.” Serbian lands are where our Benner was planted. How is everything in general? The Sultan asked.

A tale of conquest is told in Kizil Elma. We are currently discussing a decade later. Let’s test your willpower this time. Mehmet will do an experiment. With the words Bismillah and Allah, he ignites a fire.

the walls of Calesi while the flames roared loudly. Mehmet became quite ecstatic when his experiment succeeded. The call is made for Shahzda, but he abruptly leaves when everyone gathers to witness what has happened. He escaped detection. He is now silently entering his mother’s room.

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