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Who was Khizar Reis (Khair El-Din Pasha)

you are supporters of the Barbaros series. That is the reason you are searching for the tale of Khader Rais, so we will recount to you the full tale about Rais Khader, the commander of the mariner and a sibling of the siblings of Arouj Rais, Elias Ray and Isaac Rais.

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The spot of Khidr Reis in the Ottoman Empire

Khidr Reis and his situation in the Ottoman Empire , Khidir Reis was brought into the world on the island of Lesbos during the 1870s as one of the four children of his dad Vardari Yakub Agha, a Turkish or Albanian knight, and one of Vardar Agha of Thessaloniki and the conquerors of Lesbos, the moniker “Barbaros” comes from Barba Rusa , which signifies “red facial hair” in Italian.

While Orug Reis was doing the ocean exchange with his sibling Elias at a youthful age, he was caught by the Knights of Rhodes in the Aegean. After his delivery, he chose to turn into a privateer as opposed to a dealer because of the effect of his experience. Sooner or later, his sibling Khidir Rais left the exchange and went along with him. They assaulted the Mediterranean coast and took the riches.

The acclaim of Khidr Reis and his more established sibling Arouj Reis, who utilized the island of Djerba as a base, spread all through the Mediterranean. The two siblings concurred with the Tunisian Sultan Muhammad and started to utilize the fort of the port of Halkual Vad (La Gullit) in Tunisia. Khidr and Aruj gave one-fifth of the crown jewels they had seized to the Sultan of Tunis, and they were selling the remainder of the products in the Tunisian market.

Khader Rais and Arouj Rais

Khidir and Aruj sent a stacked boat they caught in 1516 to the Ottoman Sultan Yavuz Sultan Selim under the support of Piri Reis as a gift. Then, at that point, Yavuz Sultan Selim sent them gifts as a declaration of his help for them.

After Oroch Reis and the more seasoned sibling of Hezer Resi went along with them, they didn’t acknowledge theft and started to procure lands in North Africa. They got comfortable Algiers in 1516 by an enemy of Spanish club and toppled the city’s rulers in a wicked upset. Be that as it may, the passing of Oruj Reis in his conflicts with the Spaniards left Khidr in an undeniably challenging position.

Khader Rais demise

Heavenly Roman German Emperor Charles V assaulted Algeria in 1541 to vindicate Preveza, yet was ineffective. In the interim, the King of France, François I, mentioned help from the Ottomans against Charles V, and Suleiman the Magnificent sent Barbaros to the Mediterranean shoreline of France.

خیر الدین باربروس باربروسا۔۔زاہد آرائیں - مکالمہمکالمہ

Barbarossa joined with the French armada at Toulon and caught Nice in 1543 (Siege of Nice). Subsequent to getting back to Istanbul the next year, Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha kicked the bucket on July 4, 1546 and his burial chamber is in Besiktas.

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