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Bamsi Barrack A close friend of Ertugrul Ghazi

Bamsi Barracks, which gained equal fame in both “Bamsi Barracks” and “Carolus Usman”, as soon as you look at the screen of Bamsi Barracks, you can be sure that the enemies are no longer good, but the hearts of the viewers are innocent. He used to open his mouth with gestures. Holding two swords in both his hands, he boldly beheaded his enemies and fought in a very aggressive manner. He also captivated the hearts of the audience with his many foolish and innocent actions.

Also known as Bay Barrack and Bau Barrack, the Turkish drama Darielis Ertigl and its sequels. “Corollas Usman” depicts him as a brave “loyal” warrior of Irtigl. He is also in love with Bamsi Bay. In the name of Bamsi Bay, which breaks into enemies like a storm. Six of the enemy were missed. Bamsi took part in many battles with Artigal and Uthman and played a very effective role in achieving many victories.

بامسی بیرک

Bamsi Barrack’s father

Bambersky’s father, Beboraj Bey, was the king of a country and a very brave warrior, as well as for his people. He was a very gentle, compassionate, helpful and kind-hearted man. But one of the things that often made them sad and depressed was that they were childless. In Rome they were sitting near the castle of Evil. All prayed together for his father Beboraj Bay. May Allah grant him a fearless and brave son like him. In the same place, another Oghuz prince was sitting helpless. He was also childless. As a result of everyone’s prayers, Allah Almighty gave him a helpless son. He named her Bamsi Beberic and Bebachel. She was named Bano.

Bebreak’s wedding

Later, Bebrech married Bebechel’s daughter, Bano. But on the night of the wedding, his hostile tribe belonged to the Christians of Rome. They attacked and took Bamsi prisoner, where Bamsi persecuted him as a prisoner for 15 years. Finally, 15 years later, the Roman Christian princess Helena.

بامسی بیرک - The Historic Series

In love

He fell in love with her and helped her escape from captivity. And she herself escaped with him. And the two got married. Bamsi is said to have been one of the four handsome men of all the Oghuz elders. But he was very emotional and sometimes even acted irrationally. His horse’s name was Dengibos or Benjibos and it was black or gray.

A funny character

In “Derless Ertugl” and “Carolus Osman”, Bams Barrick is described as a man who is especially fond of his wife and children. Had left He loved his adopted son Zadok as much as he loved his own son Ebers. He was very happy almost all the time, by nature. He had a funny character. In most of the plays, his friends used to call him a mountain bear because of his love and humor and because of his immense strength

and bravery.

A very ancient history of the Oghuz Janbaz

Although it was a fictional character from the very ancient history of the Oghuz warriors of Turkey, they never came face to face with Tartgat, Uthman or his associates. But his shrine is in Anna Tulia, which was not in such a good condition before the release of the drama. He made it a part of the drama to pay homage to his brave hero. When people went to his shrine and started praying, the Turkish government expanded the shrine on the land adjacent to the shrine. Go to his shrine. May Allah bless them

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