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Barbaroslar Episode 15 English & Urdu Subtitles Free of cost

In Barbaroslar Episode 15, After killing the privateers, Oruj set out to return to Alexandria in Kilic’s boat. Asiye gave Despina a couple of medications. Oruj expressed profound gratitude to Sahin for coming to save him. Pietro found that the privateers who went to the far off area couldn’t kill Oruj and got incredibly annoyed with Antuan. Antuan apologized to him and asked him for another chance to kill Oruj. Oruj came to Alexandria with his kin and tended to Ishaq.

Barbaros 15 Pietro asked Esther requests and conveyed a snake into the jail to make her conversation. Esther tells Pietro that he needs Oruj to handle the mystery in the book. Quickly, Pietro said that he would go to Alexandria with his fighters. Isabel went to the forest area to meet Oruj stealthily, but a couple of hoodlums attacked her. Oruj went to the forest area and helped Isabel. Pietro showed up at Alexandria in a short period of time.

Barbaroslar Episode 15 English Subtitles Free of cost

In Barbaroslar Episode 15 While Isabel was talking with Oruj at the inn, Pietro displayed there in a substitute appearance and began bantering with them. Pietro said that he was amazingly anxious to meet Oruj and that he would meet with him eventually. After Dervish appropriated food to the down and out kids in the street, Pietro stopped him. Pietro said this older individual was letting it be and endeavored to chat with him. Dervish said Pietro couldn’t do anything.

Barbaros 15 Pietro deserted killing Oruj and invented a plan to get him alive the next day. Sylvio read the strange letter sent by Unita and said that he would now start their course of action to control all Muslims. Khizir let Oruj in on that he expected to save Esther and the book. Oruj said he doesn’t have a boat yet and they need to make a point by point plan. Sylvio was incensed with Isabel before long for supporting Oruj and forewarned her unequivocally.

Barbaroslar Episode 15 Urdu Subtitles Free of cost

In Barbaroslar Episode 15 Oruj and his troopers stealthily came to Kalymnos. Radko comprehended that this was a catch and expected to enlighten Pietro immediately. Oruj started to move towards inside the royal residence step by step. Pietro found that Oruj had attacked the island and immediately disguised the book in a puzzling spot in his room. Khizir freed Esther from the jail and mentioned that Oruj return her to the boat quickly.

Barbaros 15 Oruj went to the takeoff point with the horses he took from the stable. Khizir and Niko glanced through all around the room yet couldn’t find the book. Khizir began to examine the dividers of the room and after a short time found the baffling compartment in the divider. Ishaq noticed Yorgo crying outside the lodging and said he wanted to kill him. As Khizir planned to escape with the book, Pietro came into the room and said he wanted to kill them.

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