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Barbaroslar Episode 2 English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

In Barbaroslar Episode 2, Pietro arranges a dining experience and lets Antuan know that he will give him a solid armed force. Antuan is shocked to see this military. Pietro advises Antuan to utilize the name Black Pirate now and kill Oruj regardless. Oruj attempts to discover who Jafer is working for, yet can’t get him to talk. The following morning, Ishaq, Khizir, Niko, and Zeynab show up securely in Alexandria. As Zeynab plans to go to the shelter, Khizir begins searching for Ester covertly.

In Barbaroslar Episode 2 Khizir figures out how to get Ester in one of the back streets, yet Radko sees them. Radko’s men start to assault, and Esther by and by get away. Khizir battles the hired soldiers for a brief time frame and afterward begins to flee with Niko. Sylvio discovers that Unita will accomplish something important soon and says he will begin planning for it. Pietro begins conversing with Antuan and says that he will transform into a privateer that will frighten all Muslims. Antuan can’t completely comprehend Pietro’s arrangement yet keeps on paying attention to him.

In Barbaroslar Episode 2 Radko tells that Khizir has come to Alexandria and gets some information about this man. Antuan kills the prisoners in the palace and Pietro understands that he is prepared to kill Oruj now. Ishaq, Khizir, and Niko go to Oruj’s home. Despina gets ready nourishment for her visitors and lets them know that Oruj will arrive in a couple of days. Asiye tells Yorgo that Ishaq has come to Alexandria. Yorgo thinks his life is in harm’s way and needs to flee, yet Asiye stops him. Asiye makes an arrangement.

In Barbaroslar Episode 2 The privateer says that if their assault falls flat, it will not be an issue on the grounds that different privateers assaulted a Muslim town. Oruj doesn’t accept what the privateer says, yet Ilyas needs to save this town. Isabel goes to Oruj’s home and lets Despina know that somebody will assault the house. Despina doesn’t accept what Isabel says, yet Ishaq promptly makes a move. Oruj and Ilyas quarrel about what the privateer said.

In Barbaroslar Episode 2 After the supper, Khizir begins conversing with Dervish yet can’t take in a single thing from him. Dervish requests that Khizir discover Esther regardless. Oruj sees the town that the privateer referenced before and needs to save individuals there rapidly. Antuan converses with his men and requests that they adhere to Pietro’s arrangement. Oruj persuades the commander of the boat, yet with trouble, and goes to the port. Esther offers food to the destitute youngsters and converses with them momentarily.

Oruj and his companions before long halted the privateers who were attempting to consume the town. Oruj says this is extremely simple and cautions his companions. Khizir persuades Esther and sets off with her to go to the shelter. Oruj and his companions return to their boat. Antuan watches everything from a remote place and orders Oruj’s boat to be terminated. Radko stops Khizir in the woodland and says he will kill him this time.

In Barbaroslar Episode 2 Pietro says he hasn’t got Ebu Muhammad and the book of mystery at this point, yet he will tackle these issues in a brief time frame. Cardinal Lucas is exceptionally furious at what Pietro said and says he will grumble about him to the Pope. Pietro kills the cardinal all together not to ruin his relationship with the Pope. While Sahin is contending with the men in a cafĂ©, the courier sent by his dad comes, and he returns home

Barbaroslar Episode 2 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Barbaroslar Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

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