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Dokuz Oguz Episode 3 Urdu Subtitle free of cost

Dokuz Oguz Episode 3 Urdu Subtitle Free You are the Lizard who took the place of your deceased sibling. Does this text actually say? Brother, is your brother crazy? I just found out you have a sibling. Really? Ah, huh. Then, raise your arms! What are your thoughts? Show me your open jacket and let’s see if the tattoo on your arm is still there. If you want a tattoo, do you want to see this? Please take it!

Hee, do you have a tattoo? Come on! Are you more at ease now? Is Ahmet Imşek in fact present? Was my decision to call off our engagement because of Ahmet Imşek rather than Lizard? The tattoo being erased was a positive thing. Come on, I’m grateful. Hold on, Ahmet Imşek, and then explain this to me.

because you are a self-employed teacher. So why did infamous gangster Socrates follow you? Maybe it’s just that they resemble that lizard guy, I don’t know. In regards to you and that clown Unsal Commissar, I’m driving you crazy. We will meet. Make every effort! Observe the movement.

Subtitles for Dokuz Oguz Episode 1 in free Urdu
Given that it is identical, how can it not be buried? Good day! Oh, let’s stop, please! I suppose I have a brother then? How is this even possible, wow. Ahmet, my brother, it doesn’t matter how different we are. Well, my brother, how could I not be aware of the kind of life you lead? I wonder if you didn’t know I was here.

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