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Filinta Mustafa Episode 01 Urdu Subtitles

On top of their skulls, we ruin the globe.
You are aware of the lion that dwells in my Erturul Bey’s heart throughout the daytime, my son, may his soul rest in peace. Yes, I do, Mr. Bamsi. I know. So, son, you know who has Kayi’s tranquilly. Peace for Kayi. We’ll have to wait and see, son. If Allah wills, you’ll enter this tent as my son and leave as my king. Bams Bey, I certainly hope so. Hopefully. Osman Bey, I have a firm opinion as well. I’ll have a few words to say when the word comes to me. Thanks. Please proceed. Flatyos, a lion hunter.

Do you leave your Osman Bey at home? Have fun, have fun.
It is, after all, the last occasion. A fantastic time. Do you believe I have a fear of dying? You’re terrified as a dog. Despite what your lips may say, your eyes always speak the truth. With Allah’s permission, we’ll force you to choose between death and life, ending the wedding feast temporarily. Will the wedding be won by your brain? Our gentleman will win the wedding, according to the subtitles for Seasons 1 and 2 of Filinta Mustfa in Urdu. Then we shall raid every castle you own. Inegol came first, then Yarhisar, Iznik, and even Bursa. It starts with the brothers. Please, Boran, hurry up. Let’s go. Please allow me to leave; I’ll be asking you all to

Be with the 99 names of the All-Powerful Allah, who illuminates our hearts with the light of faith, is what kills. Huh! To the departed Erturul Gazi el fatiha’s soul. Ladies and gentlemen of Kayi, thank you all for the warm welcome you brought. Thanks. Thanks. We have been given the responsibility of managing this wedding as Kay’s senior chief. Ladies and gentlemen, the names of the late Erturul Gazi’s three sons and his brilliant brother come from our tradition. We implore Allah Ta’ala to bless the choice we make.

Amine. Ladies of Kayi I want you will remember the gentleman we selected. I want to remind you nevertheless. Erturul Gazi, who passed away, did not rule in a clannish manner. Erturul Gazi exercised sultanic authority. He did not state that he lacked a soldier. He didn’t say I’d collaborate with a few veterans. He declared, “I am the most honourable tribe of the Oghuz, and I shall govern the Kay tribe.” That’s how it operated, too. Beyler Kay It is impossible to lower the Kay Sanjak from the position Erturul Gazi raised it.

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