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Filinta Mustafa Episode 09 Urdu Subtitles

a gentleman who fears independence and freedom, doesn’t trust himself or even his own stature, and acknowledges the Greeks or the Mongols as their superiors. unable to manage this size. Let it be known that. Let the appropriate decision be made. Season 1 and Season 2 of Filinta Mustafa with Urdu subtitles You have the first word, Mr. Dundar. Simply state it. Bamsi Bey is accurate. The most natural of the skin are my three nephews and I.

I’d prefer to renounce my entitlement to financially assist one of these three brothers.
But I’m not sure which one to pick. Whatever I choose, I warned that I would offend the other people, and by exercising my right in the most practical way, I assigned myself a grade. I’m a prospective principality candidate. You’re welcome, Mr. Dundar. You now have the word, Mr. Sulemis. I view Osman Bey, the son of our late ruler Erturul Gazi, as Kay’s success. Osman Bey is my choice. Thanks.

When we say, “Be with the ninety-nine names,” what kills?
who enlightens our hearts with the light of faith is the Almighty Allah. Huh! To the departed Erturul Gazi el fatiha’s soul. Ladies and gentlemen of Kayi, thank you all for the warm welcome you brought. Thanks. Thanks. We have been given the responsibility of managing this wedding as Kay’s senior chief. Ladies and gentlemen, the names of the late Erturul Gazi’s three sons and his brilliant brother come from our tradition. We implore Allah Ta’ala to bless the choice we make.

Do you go out without your Osman Bey Have fun, have fun.

After all, it’s your last time. Have fun. Do you think I’m afraid of death? You’re scared like a dog. Even if your tongue says otherwise your eyes tell the truth. By Allah’s leave, we ‘ll make you choose death from death, so that the wedding feast is over for a

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