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Gelsin Hayat Bildigi Gibi Episode 1 Urdu Subtitle

-I’m fine. Look, I’m not saying this as a joke. I’m really fine. I know. I know. No bite I eat without you passes my throat. Always a knot. I don’t know what you are eating or drinking. My older sister. Also think on the good side. When I get out, I won’t even squint at the hoodie anymore. either. So for a while. I don’t want to be too specific though. Really? my sister. I haven’t seen anyone who smiles as genuinely as you do in this life. Mert.

I wish everything could be okay with laughter. Oh, anyway, don’t mind me. I come every time, I’m bored of you too, right? But I don’t think you deserve all this, Mert. Don’t think, sister. Thinking. Look, one thing I learned here is to say “There is a no for every evil”. If you only knew who is inside. I am still grateful for myself. I mean, that’s it, but here it is.

Do you have any money? I left some money to the attendant at the entrance. If you need it, can you take it from there? Look, there was also a rectangular wallet hanging around the neck like this. Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi -My older sister. -Look, tell me if you need it. They sell it in Eminönü. Let me get it, I’ll bring it to you. Oh sister, I’m not a child. What are you worrying about yourself?

Forget me now. How are you, you? How’s the hospital going? How is sister Meltem? Does he go crazy again on the night shifts? The hospital, as you know. The principal decided to lighten the colors of the wall. The old one was suffocating people. He will soon realize that the problem is not in the color. Meltem is also good. Many greetings to you… My dear son.

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