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Insider Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

You were terminated, according to Chief Yusuf, because of your rage. A week later reveals the removal’s rationale Gangster Serp Yilmaz is the father. he had committed numerous offences Chief Yusuf stripped him of his uniform as a result. Four years of study for Sarp would be useless. But in reality, there is a hidden agenda at play. Hearing this infuriates Sarp, who leaves the office.

Sarp keeps his family in the dark about this event. When the oath ceremony is held a week later, Serap shows up with the purpose to assassinate the chief. But when his mother is around, this becomes impossible, and Serap is compelled to give up. Sarp is imprisoned. The story is now much deeper in the past. Serap is pictured with his younger brother here. There were also his mother and father. Everybody is having fun. When the police arrive, they demand to know who Mateen Yilmaz is.

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