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Malhun Hautun got married, who played the second wife of Kurulus Osman

Anatolia, Turkey: “Yildiz Jagri Atksoy” actress who played the main role of Malhun Khatoon in the popular Turkish series Kurlulus Osman got married to Ayesha Gul.

The actress had shared her engagement pictures on her social media account a few days ago, after which she has now shared beautiful pictures of her wedding with her fans.

The actress ‘Yildiz Jagri Atksoy’, who played the role of the second wife of Usman Ghazi in Korolush Osman, has married the leading Turkish drama Ayesha Gul and the well-known Turkish actor ‘Barak Okte’.

The family and friends of the actor and actress were also present at the wedding ceremony, along with Korulish Usman’s wife (Ozge Turir) and Sheikh Idabali (Sida Yildiz).

The wedding pictures of this beautiful Turkish couple are being loved by social media users and fans while they are being congratulated by well-known showbiz stars.

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