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Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi Episode 6 with English, Urdu Subtitles

Mehmed: The Conquerer is the TV Series about the existence of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed Fateh, who Conquered Constantinople. The Series begins from the fifteenth 100 years. In 1451, Shehzade Mehmed withdrew from Manisa to Edirne to rise the lofty position after the demise of his dad Murad Khan. what’s more, he has a major dream. Victory of Constantinople, the most valuable city. In any case, before his large dream, there will be enormous hindrances that are hard to survive. Shehzade Orhan, one more contender for the lofty position, was in Constantinople. Head Constantinos needs to place Shehzade Orhan accountable for the Ottoman Empire and chooses to send him to Edirne. Chandarli Halil Pasha, who is sitting tight for them in Edirne, will uphold who for the lofty position, this will prompt another time in the Ottoman Empire.

In Mehmed Bir Cihan TV Show, Mehmed came to the city where he was ousted a long while back to become Sultan by and by. The recollections of his experience growing up in Edirne breakdown on him like a bad dream. While he contemplates what he will make a choice about Chandarlı, he pursues Shehzade Orhan who is guaranteeing the lofty position. At the point when Orhan took asylum in Byzantine land, all adjusts changed. Eleni, who had to wed Orhan, confronted Mehmed in Edirne. Byzantine is coming extremely close to battle with the Ottomans, the choice of Sultan Mehmed will redirect history. Mehmed, who came to Edirne fully backed up by Mara Hatun, figures out how to sit on the privileged position with the force of the territories that went along with him.

Chandarlı Halil Pasha sits around aimlessly however submit to Mehmed. Orhan, which was upheld by the Byzantines, was late. Orhan, who has turned into the objective of Mehmed, can’t follow the plans of the Greek Emperor Constantinos. Even with the news that Mehmed came to the privileged position, the Byzantine Empire had to take new actions. They know about the risk that will come when Mehmed came to the privileged position. Since they realize that Mehmed will battle for his Constantinople dream. In addition, the help of Orhan by the Byzantine Empire makes Mehmed be more devoted.

Behind secret entryways, Sultan Mehmed keeps on working for the triumph of Constantine. For this purpose, Zaganos Pasha, Sahabeddin Pasha, Architect Muslihuddin and his tutor Aksemseddin set up the designs for Constantinople behind the secret dividers of the Ottoman castle. Concealing his arrangements from the Grand Vizier Chandarli Halil Pasha and Ishak Pasha, Mehmed is resolved not to rehash his errors quite a long time back. Chandarli has different designs to control Sultan Mehmed. Mara Hatun, the mother of Sultan Mehmed, will take her portion from these plans. Be that as it may, this isn’t the most serious risk in that frame of mind of triumph. Byzantine Emperor Constantinos needs to help out Chandarli Halil Pasha. Expressing that he needed to wed Mara Hatun, Constantinos made a move for the Crusade. Constantinos, who knows about Mehmed’s Constantinople dream, is planning to take counter-actions.

Mehmed and Delibash came to Constantinople in mask and came because of the priest Gennadios’ call for help. Mehmed, who makes a move to keep the Crusade from meeting, succeeds. The disappointment of Crusade solidarity with the Sultan Mehmed’s move befuddled the Byzantine Palace. After the occasions, every one of the Turks in the city whose entryways were shut by the request for Constantinos were addressed by the Byzantine troopers. The catch of Sultan Mehmed and Delibash involves time, they are caught in the city. Then again, Melike move’s made by losing herself against her envy in Edirne; It makes Sultan Mehmed gain the mysterious he has stowed away from everybody. Melike’s learned will likewise actuate Chandarli Halil Pasha. The circle around Sultan Mehmed is progressively contracting both in Edirne and Constantinople.

Aksemseddin communicates that destiny has picked Mehmed at each open door and expands the confidence of Sultan Mehmed Khan in himself. Mehmed, with the assistance of Eleni and the pashas, can ascertain how to vanquish Constantinople. As Mehmed gets ready to take actions for Constantinople, the Byzantine Emperor Constantinos makes an arrangement for Mehmed. Constantinos considers utilizing Orhan his last guaranteed winner. Constantinos, who indeed plans to go up against Mehmed and Orhan, is prepared to do anything for retribution. After Demetrios was kidnapped, Constantinos feels that he can overcome Sultan Mehmed with the natural Byzantine games and lays out another game and empowers Karamanoghlu to attack the Ottoman grounds. He believes that he will fit Sultan Mehmed into the corner with Orhan, who has turned into his toy once more. However Constantinos doesn’t realize that Sultan Mehmed knows about everything. He doesn’t have the foggiest idea about that when they are after little games, blades are honed, balls are made, and galleys put down to water individually. He doesn’t have the foggiest idea about that asking lines are becoming busy, the confidence is revived, the hints of supplication ascending from Edirne to the sky are as of now reverberating in the arches of Hagia Sophia. What’s more, he doesn’t realize that Constantinople will definitely be vanquished and the wonderful officer who will overcome it will stay faithful to his commitment to his dad and transform the Ottoman state into a world state.

Constantinos can’t acknowledge the snatching and prisoner of his sibling Demetrios. Also, Mara Hatun went to the domain of the Ottoman Empire. Constantinos helps out Karamanoghlus against Mehmed. Karamanoghlu starts to attack the grounds having a place with the Ottoman Empire. Constantinos, who battled against the Ottoman Empire with the Byzantine games, intends to end Mehmed’s fantasies of Constantinople. Yet, this won’t be simple for Constantinos. An endeavor is made against the Karamanoghlu who endeavor to attack the Ottoman terrains. Mehmed and different Pashas, who anticipated that the Byzantine Empire was serving to Karamanoghlu, needed to take care of this issue for Constantinople as quickly as time permits.

Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi (The Conquerer) Episode 6 with English Subtitles

Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi (The Conquerer) Episode 6 with Urdu Subtitles

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