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Ramo Episode 12 With Urdu Subtitle Free of cost

  • Quiet! Move! what do you do? Hold off on me and release your hand! Drop! Son, what are you doing? Call! Ara, I need to speak with Alpay. Neco. Neco for the love of God, stop talking. We experienced it as a result of you. Ramo Episode 9 in Urdu with Czech Subtitles! Remove your hand from me! – Sibel! a young tree once more? Thee, Napyon! Sibel. Did you not accompany Ramo?

H? How did they treat him? What took place? Keep going, guys! Episode 9 of Ramo with Urdu Subtitles More mail was received. Falcon! Dogan! Don’t come here, go home. pause, men! Stay put! We are slipping away! Go! This is how! We are slipping away! Ulan! Dogan! Dogan. Napyon, you? Do enter! Do enter! Dogan! Dogan! The LAN! Cavidan! Falcon!

Dogan! Aunt! Aunt! Get away! Take off from here! Amal! Amal! Ulan! You are mine! catastrophe, quick tunnel chick. Rise rapidly. Tumbler! LAN! Arab Fatoş must leave the area. Get out there! No, my brother. I’m not going to buy organic, Dad. Fatos! Go! Episode 9 of Ramo with Urdu Subtitles Hello, Fatoş. I’ll look out for you. Let’s go. incredibly late Arabic Boz. Boz! We need to leave. Police are approaching.
Okay. Follow me, please. What is happening? Tumbler! LAN Tumbler? Gardas? What took place here… In case of emergency! Children! LAN! What is happening? You have my attention, Süleyman Effendi. I am at a loss for words. Episode 9 of Ramo with Urdu Subtitles if you frequently tighten it. You always get to speak up.

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