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Ramo Episode 2 With Urdu Subtitle Free of cost

What the hell are you screaming? is the title of Ramo Episode 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Okay, dear friend, please try to relax. Do you notice those there, when you look? They’re coming to get you dead. Do as I say, and then stop talking. I’m still not convinced by what transpired. Episode 2 of Ramo with Urdu Subtitles Without even looking back, he fled. What are you making fun of? You used to say that my partner defends me, and I used to make fun of him. What should individuals do? Have they ever been around a gun? as soon as you remove it and squeeze it. Does one abandon their loved one no matter what happens? How are you? What does it mean to you? Episode 2 of Ramo with Urdu Subtitles What motivates your comment?

Ramo Season 2 Episode 2 in Urdu – Inside of me was a gun. Do you also have a gun with you? Why are you startled right now, I wonder? Did they not just come to murder me? What should I do with my life right now? My father’s name is Cengiz Yldrm. Episode 2 of Ramo with Urdu Subtitles Enter the vehicle. So what is the guys’ problem? Did they inform you of anything? You inquire about your departure date with your father. Damn. Son, you are erecting a barricade and leaving. Let’s. Please move forward, dears. I hope it’s kosher for you. The piece of the lion. My brother Ramo arrived. We are happy to have you, Uncle Ramo. Do not let your hands become dirty. Ramo Season 2

Episode 2 of Ramo with Urdu Subtitles
Halal Be my son, Ramo. Ramo. How did you act? in the dialect used in the community. Are you alright? You are unharmed. I’m good. God’s blessings on you Come later in the day. I purchased fish. Episode 2 of Ramo with Urdu Subtitles I’ll arrange a table for my lion, please. We shall see. Avoid saying that. Let’s go. I am tired of your yearning. My God, damn your heart. You lapsed once more. Fatoş, what will happen? Water is flowing and appears erratic. Gray. I grew old, died, and then was raised from the dead. Boz. Boz I sobbed so hard that I felt doomed. I believed I had lost you. Boz here. I’ll be honest,Ramo Episode 2 In Urdu I didn’t do

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