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Ramo Episode 7 With Urdu Subtitle Free of cost

How long was my sleep period? Halt, stop, stop the calamities. Look at my pal. the lungs. if there is harmony How you look on the face You never appear content. alright, insha’Allah? No or poorly? You make the choice right now. They imposed such a requirement. My harvest continued to bring me joy. They desire a conventional approach to issue solving. So. The girl will receive it from us when we kidnap the girl. Fatos will wed Niko as well as Ramo Seibel. Are you implying that you know who my father is? Should I marry my daughter’s killer since I am her husband? Such a thing does not exist. impossible. Neslihan didn’t solicit your judgement. Actually, nobody was questioned about the concept. The verdict was rendered. Everyone will abide by this rule. Wake

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Papa is doing well. Does this occur? My father was slain by a dog named Ramo. Will he now visit and wed my brother? I’ll also include his brother. Who was he called? Fatos. Fatos. Fattoush. That insane girl, hey. How did you find out? Mom, you could have stayed with them. He gave me a distant glance. Grab some food and water. Drop to the earth. In the same way that I now have his daughter for my son, army of Lebanon. Dad, I’m sorry. You may offer. I don’t kneel. What are you doing with that lovely neck that you raised to serve it? Neslihan? Dad, it’s been years since you were last seen. What’s happening here, who’s running, You are completely ignorant. I observed its gait. In Ramo

Do you believe I do anything? Do you defend in this manner? Or set animosity aside. Ramo, who is he? She will get my daughter from me. Prior to having a sibling, I wasn’t a mother. You’ll know your granddad once you pass away. I’ll take over doing this. None of you engage Sibel in conversation. particularly you Neco. Keep your chin in. He and I converse alone. Free Urdu subtitles for Ramo Episode 3

What advantage does your speech have? He never gives in. You have no idea how you made your decision? If you choose, you can choose a different route. I discover. I located it. How to handle things in a traditional manner Who do you suppose entered your mind? What about you? Why? Take note, Neslihan. What says the bridegroom? One leaves, one returns. Genghis or Ramo, it didn’t matter.

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