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Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle Free of cost

Episode 9 of Ramo with Urdu Subtitles
Take a seat. Come on in, please. Take a seat. – Do you want some water? Bring? – No. Please wait till Ramo arrives before leaving this room. He will speak when he arrives, and we will then decide what to do next. I apologise. I apologise. Episode 7 of Ramo with Urdu Subtitles Why do you apologise? Sibel, why do you apologise? because you let yourself in? or since you allowed Deyhan, the snake, to enter our area?

Sibel, why are you sorry? Is what they say accurate? Have you let the tunnel open? This is something I wanted to avoid. She didn’t want to, it’s true. Please don’t appear anyplace. Rameau. Ramo? Have you spoken up? Episode 7 of Ramo with Urdu Subtitles How are you doing, brother? You’ve been drinking water ever since you left Yavuz. You’re thinking erratically. How are you, brother?

Episode 8 of Ramo with Urdu Subtitles

What were you referencing there? He understood I was after Jihangir. What will occur next? We’ll reevaluate our strategy. Mister Jihangir And I did. I have to head to the airport. Lord, I’m on my way. Episode 7 of Ramo with Urdu Subtitles I need to talk to you about a crucial subject. Ramo is involved, so there. The in-law daughter showed up. She shouldn’t have arrived before Rameau; that would have been preferable. Do not wind it up right now, Shahin. Okay, my brother. As though she is unaware of it. Welcome, mom. Why didn’t you inform us that you were visiting a cemetery? Why are you pacing by yourself? Shahin, I didn’t travel alone. Episode 7 of Ramo with Urdu Subtitles There were locals there from

So why did he hold your hand, then? Mom, hurry up and let’s go. I’ll explain what took place. The assassin of my father is inside this house. Again, it was right in front of us. What the heck are you on about, son? Sibel, I urge you! Sibelle arrived! Episode 7 of Ramo with Urdu Subtitles This snake is where? This snake is where? Where is she, please? – Silence for two minutes was not possible! – I came without any guilt!

I shall now handle you. – Aunt! – I’ll make sense of it. – Uncle Neriman She is missing. Observe her. She is sitting there like nothing ever happened, look at her! You are a fool to come here. What are you wishing for? Get up and come out. Come out. Come out. Episode 8 of Ramo in Urdu

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