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SICCIN  (Turkish Horror Movie) with Urdu Subtitles HD

You will not have children with him. He was poisoned. He is your own destruction. Just a problem for you. stay away from him He is the key to your death. Years later I guess I warned you not to come here, Kudret. It’s been two weeks.

You are gone for two weeks. You didn’t even answer my phone. What else should I do. You have no right to come. Not for two weeks, not even for two years. Listen to me. You can’t run away from me Even if you try to run away, you can’t run away from our son. Like it or not, I’m going to give birth. Don’t drive me crazy. znur don’t drive me crazy. You’re crazy. Four and a half months of pregnancy have passed. I’m late for an abortion, I have to give birth. Can you hear me, I’m about to give birth.

You will be included as your baby on the birth certificate. you seduced me yourself Do I then have to explain to everyone that I have an illegitimate child with you? You should have thought of that before. Then everyone will call my son an asshole. Am I so unholy to give birth to an illegitimate child? damn you slut i know everything you did you were pregnant in my careless moment it was all to tie me to marry you damn you are urgent don’t be fooled we have to go to the hospital hurry up to enjoy your food mom you have lost a lot of weight i wish you could eat crumbs

-crumbs Just soup isn’t enough for you Ceyda Are you hungry my sweet child Not yet mom I know you love hearing this song too My dad always loves mom What are lips color My daughter is red My doll has red lips too. Show me Even though Yoznur’s brother is an elegant woman, he brought you an ordinary doll. When she came, we told her to come to the doll’s lips, wanting my doll to blush. Should we do it for me too? When you grow up, I will do it for you.

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