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Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Episode 07 Urdu Subtitles HD Free of Cost

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Episode 07 Tomorrow morning at first light, the fort will be taken from us by force if we don’t evacuate. And why do you suppose we can defeat Wazir Behruz’s army and Caliph “Amir al-Mu’minin”? If so, we will be taken as prisoners and transported to Baghdad. We are left with no choice because Wazir Behruz’s soldiers are standing outside the palace. Visit the men, women, slaves, and employees.

By today’s nightfall, they should be prepared to depart. Why should we depart in the dark? During the day, people can see me in this condition. To avoid that, I would rather die. Our situation has changed. God is aware of my passion for this location. But will we move on? towards Mosul?

Many things I have seen and many I have not are both true. And I gathered a lot of human incidents. Because the eye sees and the mind expresses what it hears, there are some things that the eye cannot see and the work cannot hear, and those things are tied to the breasts. As a result, when they explain them, their comments vary owing to disparities in comprehension.

And Kazi Sahib keeps straying through my thoughts! Remember that the Sultan’s biography is not merely a story of a guy, which the era is replete of, and refrain from praising me if it’s not in me because we’ll be asked about it. This is the tale of every man’s life. If you write anything, fear Allah and

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