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Teskilat Episode 38 English, Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Teskilat Episode 38 Urdu Subtitles Open. To trust a Turk. The new Kayı Bey is the child of Ertuğrul Gazi Osman Bey. God damn it. Teskilat Episode 38 Urdu Subtitles How is that? Dundar planned to pull a prank on the examiner zaar before that, the investigator played a stunt. With your authorization. Go young lady welcome the cerebrum. Come on. My Bala bless your heart. My Gonca say thanks to God. Thank heaven. Osman Bey is a lot more grounded now.

child of Ertuğrul Gazi. (The new leader of Kayılar is Osman Bey, child of Ertuğrul Gazi.) I will make all of you drink your blood every one of you. To every one of you. anything you desire to say, you don’t leave it pondering. What could it be? What could be? This is the confirmation of our Ertuğrul Bey, Bamsı Bey.

Teskilat Episode 38 Gazi needs Osman to be the boss. It says as much here. Well for what reason didn’t he say that himself? I posed this inquiry myself, Mr. Bamsi. What did he say brother? He said that he would comply with the sunnah of our Prophet. He said he didn’t leave any beneficiaries behind. I need it to be picked by the noble men. He said individuals ought to pick him. Teskilat Season 2 Episode 38 In Urdu Subtitles He needed our Osman Bey not to question that he was the bey with the assent and vote of individuals.

of him and say you can’t be a courteous fellow if Ertuğrul Gazi didn’t need it. All things considered, sibling in case that was the case what was the requirement for this will? Your insurance, sibling your precautionary measure. He said that if somebody plays a stunt he will uncover my will show it to the noble men. Osman said as much, ‘he gets what he merits. Abdurrahman Gazi this confirmation isn’t only that. You have guests, sir. Peter I remembered you. How are you doing my pen?

Teskilat Episode 38 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Teskilat Episode 38 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Assuming conceivable immediately. Is that how you welcome an old companion, Nikola? Companion companion he. Aa Osman I surmise he hurt you a smidgen. Peter you are on a royal area. Put forth an attempt you’ll get support. We will have our retribution, young lady. Teskilat Season 2 Episode 38 In Urdu Subtitles As I guaranteed you we will render my retribution on the individuals who put us in the present circumstance. Osman Bey has an obligation of steadfastness. We will pay this obligation sometime. It’s valid, father. To pay our obligation we will be nearer to Osman Bey.

Our assault attacks will just hit Rome this time. I will make them upchuck blood. I’ll help you as well, father. I will be your most honed sword. We will have the force of Kayılar behind us. Is it accurate to say that you are certain that Mr. not set in stone on this wedding issue, young lady? I will wed her, father. I will be his better half. Do what you say. How about we be family members with Kayılar. Allow the apricot to blood blend in with the Cuman blood. May a warlike age accompany you.

father. Have no question. I’ve seen others. Inform me concerning the past, Osman. (The fire of Gaza is consuming, my dad is consuming.) Didn’t we get all the relics today, Bamsı Bey? These are different relics, Osman Bey. These are such relics that they had a place with the Turkish rulers the Kayı Beys. They are such extraordinary relics. For what reason didn’t I know up to this point? Osman Bey in the event that you hadn’t been chosen you wouldn’t have known about it at any rate. Since these relics pass from men of honor to refined men. When will we go? We should not burn through any time. We should get rolling rapidly.

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