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Teskilat Episode 51 English & Urdu & Español Subtitles Free of Cost

In the earlier episode of Teskilat Fadi wants to carry on with his political race work, imagining that Leyal will carry the trap laid after his death. However, when the toxin in his body starts to mutate to produce results, he realises that his life is in danger.

The institution intends to return to the nation despite being shocked by any additional facts because they believe that their main goal has been achieved with Fadi’s injury! Additionally, the risks of translation become apparent. To eliminate the chance with any other association, Hakk and Pnar make a move.

then returns to Yagmur as she keeps working to shut down the institution. She decides to translate Zehra using her young daughter Yagmur. While researching the information from the conversation between Uzay, Amir, and Fadi, he comes across a lot of information and it appears that a significant strike is planned against Turkey.

Fadi is once more the main character who can stop the attack because he has his distinctive mark inside the attack strategy. This development also makes Fadi’s passing a major concern. Then again, Fadi is in a difficult situation and is in a nicely decorated building! To enter the structure, the institution creates a gorgeous new connection!

Teskilat Episode 51 English Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 51 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 51 Esponal Subtitles

Publishing date is 17-10-2022

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