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The Empire : Empire of the Moghul Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles

Zaheer udin Muhammad Babur is credited with founding the Mughal dynasty, which controlled the Indian Empire for nearly 150 years and achieved great success in many spheres of life. Din Zaheer Muhammad Babur, known by his given name “Babur,” was born in 1483 to Omer Shaikh Mirza, a fifth-degree male descendant of Taimur, and Kutlak Nigar Khanum, a 15th-degree descendant of Chingiz Khan. As a result, he was related to both families of Taimur and Chingiz Khan, and thus possessed “the ferocity of the Mongol, and the courage and capacity of the Turks.”

Zaheer udin Muhammad Babur Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles

Zaheer udin Babur Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles

His family’s tutor, Sheikh Majid, and his own grand mother, Ahsan Daulat Begum, both shaped his demeanour. His tutor taught him Turki, Persian, and poetry, while his grandma taught him the skill of administration when he was a young boy.
At the young age of 12, Sultan Omer Sheikh Mirza, Babur’s father, passed away, making him king of Farghana. He was encircled by his adversaries at the time of the accession. Because of his youth and inexperience, his uncles and cousins assaulted him from all sides. He hurriedly completed his coronation ceremony and organised his home with the aid of Ahsan Daulat Khanum, his seasoned and wise grandmother. After that, he addressed the

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For a very long period, Samarqand served as Amir Timur’s capital. The town served as the political, economic, and, most importantly, cultural hub of Central Asia. Babur had a deep desire to rule over his nation’s capital on his ancestor’s throne. When his paternal uncle Ahmed Mirza passed away in July 1494, his sons engaged in civil war. Babur saw a chance to take Samarqand during this civil war, but his endeavour was unsuccessful. He tried again the next year, and this time he was successful. His life’s goal was attained as he sat on his ancestor’s throne. But after one hundred days in power, he was compelled to flee his city. In Samerqand, he became unwell, and word of his condition spread.

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Babur, who had no land other than a small, hilly region of Khokand, roamed for two years. As a result of the decline in his support base, he was forced to leave Hissar in order to seek Sultan Ahmed, the great Khan of the Mongols, out for hospitality. On the way, he made the decision to take a chance at Samarqand, where the Uzbek conqueror faced intense opposition. His allies succeeded in smuggling him and his supporters into Samarqand one pitch-black night. The people who went up in arms against the Uzbeks praised him. Shaibani Khan was defeated as a result. Babur’s happiness was limitless. He wed a daughter of each of his two uncles to commemorate his accomplishment.

Shaibani Khan rearranged his forces for a decisive confrontation while enraged with retaliation. In 1501, Babur left Samarqand. At Saripul, there was a fiercely contested combat in which Babur was defeated. Samarqand was under such a ferocious siege that the locals started to become hungry. Babur filed a peace request and gave up the city of Samarqand when all chance of rescuing the town was lost. Babur and his maternal uncles attempted to take Farghana once more in 1503, but they were unsuccessful.

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Before beginning his campaign to conquer India, Babur had to deal with Daulat Khan, who had produced Ala-ud-Din from Lahore. Babur overcame him and moved on to Delhi. To challenge Babur, Ibrahim Lodhi left Delhi. On the storied plains of Pani Pat, the two armies clashed. Babur had certain advantages; he dispatched 4–5 thousands of his soldiers to launch a powerful assault on the Afghan camp, which was unsuccessful in its goal. The Afghan army stopped when they approached Babur and saw Babur’s front line defence, losing the opportunity for shock charges. Babur took advantage of the opposition’s hesitation and gave the order for his soldiers to go on the attack.

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Babur was not installed as India’s king as a result of the Panipat victory. In Rana Sanga of Mewar, who desired to rule over Delhi himself, he encountered a formidable rival. In order for Babur to hold an unbeatable position, such a terrible foe had to be defeated. Babur and Rana Sanga both made advances to Fateh Pur Sikri in 1527, bringing a sizable army with them. Rajputs successfully fought off Babur’s advance guard. He lost the support of his fans.Babur now showed that he has leadership skills. By ordering the wine glasses to be broken, he made the decision to profit on his army’s fervent religious devotion. He swore to give up wine forever after apologising for his previous transgressions.

Babur died in December 1530 as a result of circumstances that included his son Humayun becoming ill and being told there was no chance of his surviving. At this point, Babur is supposed to have circled Humayun’s bed three times while pleading with God to grant him Humayun’s illness. According to reports, Humayun started to get well after that, whereas Babur’s illness deteriorated till he passed away. Babur was barely 48 years old when he passed away.

The Empire : Zaheer udin Muhammad Babur Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles

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