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The Oath Soz Season 3 Episode 56 With Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Episode 56 of The Oath Soz Season 3 in Urdu, How then do you escape this? Shut up, I told you. Shut up, what do you not understand? Your life will come to an end if you give me to the Company. Keep your mouth shut. Do as we direct.

Our hunch is accurate. They turned in the direction of Fontainebleau to get out of the path. The journey to the hotel takes around five minutes. Understood. We’re holding out. Understood. Make your hands long. Lie down. If you rise up and commit the slightest foolishness, you won’t even be able to remember how you died. Walk. The two police officers standing close to Yldrm entered the parking lot through the back door. Understood. Where do they intend to go?

An official criminal’s extradition cannot take place in a hotel!

They ascend to the north side of the elevator. What about Gurcan? I agree, Chairman. I consider. On the eleventh story at the moment is Zehra. Friends, the police’s strategy is exactly what we predicted. An official criminal cannot be extradited in a hotel. Visual connection has been made. They walked inside. Guys, there may not be much time left. ASAP complete this task. Hold out your hands. Late hour. No, we’re not running late. No. Even so, we were 15 minutes early. Consider this. There might be more. Walk. Late. Walk. Take a seat. You arrive late. What is tardy? So who are you? We are the group of people

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