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Nizam-e-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Episode 11 urdu subtitles free of cost

Survey OF EPISODE 10
Selcuklu Episode 9 in Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 8 beginnings as, Basulu becomes astounded when she sees her other child who took Sanchar to home. Yet, she doesn’t come clean with him. She minds him likewise like her mom. Tapar understands the adoration for Mother around then. Sanchar awakens and says thanks to Tapar for saving his life.

Turna was seized by Mihail
Additionally yorgos abducted Turna Khatun. Emir Ilteber becomes dubious about Sanchar that he hijacked his little girl. Sanchar is educated that Turna was grabbed by Mihail and set off to recover both Turna and the relics. Further malik Shah is dubious about Hassan Sabbah. Tapar enlightened his dad regarding Sanchar. Malik shah is furious on Nizamulmulk. Andreas welcomed Qasim and plan to wipe out Tapar.

Tapars Attack
Further qasim informed the Turkish dissidents to become mindful of the Tapars assault. Sanchar needs to converse with Dukas. Be that as it may, Nizamulmulk doesn’t permit him. at any rate Sanchar meets Dukas and get some information about Mihail. He takes Dukas with him to arrive at Mihail. Nizam found out about Sanchar’s activities and blew up. Terkan Khatun realizes that Safriye Khatun is obstacle in his way, so she give her toxin.

Tajul Mulk
Additionally alcin realizes that Turkish revolutionaries would go after Tapar. She made an impression on the palace. Tajul Mulk gets this message and deliever it to Terkan Khatun. Malik Shah isn’t educated about this message. Yorgos is attempting to take relics and Turna with him. Safriye Khatoon awakens yet she remembers nothing. Malik Shah comes to be familiar with her ailment. Behram illuminates Hassan about the assault. Alcin Khatoon is hanging tight for the Malik’s reaction.

Hassan Sabbah illuminates Malik Shah
In the wake of sitting tight for some time, when there is no reaction from the Malik Shah’s side she becomes prepared to help Tapar. Hassan Sabbah illuminates Malik Shah about the assault. Malik shah becomes irate on Nizamulmulk and set off right away. Alcin and Tapar is talking with the renegades. Sanchar tracks down Yorgos. Yorgos takes off alongside the holy relics.

What will be the response of Malik Shah when he realizes reality with regards to letter? Will Tapar and Alcin Khatun will arrive at the palace safe? Will Sanchar become fruitful in saving Turna’s life? What will be the response of Amir Ilteber when he see her girl?

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