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Nizam-e-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Episode 16 urdu subtitles free of cost

The fifteenth episode of Great Seljuk is full of suspense and action. Selcuklu Episode 16 begins with a sequel by Seljuk and Kristen. Andreas begged for Malik Shah’s life, but he showed no mercy to the cruel man and killed him, symbolizing the end of the Christians who opposed the Seljuks.


Faisal’s Caravan
Selcuklu Episode 16, Tapar takes Sanchar to palace as promised by Sultan Malik Shah, but he asks him to find secret book. Arslantis appears in the scene where Rustem is caught running away from Faisal’s caravan. Sanchar and Arslantis are sent to jail.

Alchin Hatun
Selcuklu Episode 16 Alcin Khatoon and Tarkan Khatoon blame each other for Bitch’s place. Alcin agreed to go to the castle. Sultan Malik Shah visited the new head of Kovel Castle and warned him not to cross paths with the Seljuks.
Nimes ul Mulk recovered from paralysis with a medicine prepared by Turna Hatun from a rare red flower. He thanks Turna for taking care of him. Nizam ul Mulk spoke to Sanchar about the incident and he told Nizam ul Mulk about the secret book of Fidais.

Nizam ul Mulk
He stressed finding this book as soon as possible. Through this book, they can find out who the leader of Fidai is and solve this problem once and for all. Nizam ul Mulk said they needed to confirm the truth of Ghazali’s secret book. He also forces Tapar to get Sanchar out of the dungeon. Nizam ul Mulk also met with Arslantis, who deeply regretted his actions.

Sultan Malik Shah
Sultan Malik Shah was attacked by the story’s new villains as he returned to the castle. Seljuk soldiers were killed in the ambush. Hassan Sabah and Taj ul Mulk appear there and say the spies alerted them and they came as soon as possible. Malik Shah is saved and they are injured in the castle.

Tarkan Hatun
Tarkan Hatun interrogates Nizam ul Mulk that he brought Sanchar to his office despite violating state rules. After ridiculing each other on both sides, Nizam ul Mulk believed that Tarkan Hatun was abusing his appointment as Grand Madame. Ghazali said he had researched books on Fidais and had a clear symbol for a mystery book at the end of each book.

Hassan Sabah is very upset
The healer told Malik Shah that he would not be holding a sword for months after his muscles were brutally attacked. He orders them not to tell anyone. Hassan Sabah was very upset with the secret book because it was a matter of life and death for Fidais. Sultan Malik Shah arrested Taj ul Din and Hassan Sabah for their negligence. He refuses to talk to Rustem about Hassan Sabah. The best scene of this episode is when Malik Shah hits them both!

Arslantis and Sanchar
Sultan also calls Arslantis and Sanchar and says they both will be punished. Sanchar tells the story of Rustem’s capture and the whereabouts of the secret book. Malik Shah allowed Sanchar to follow up on the text. Hassan Sabah found a way to enter the dungeon. Rustem tells him the name of the river where he threw the secret book.

Faysal and Amirul Tibr
Tapper expresses his anger towards Faisal and Amir ul Tiber. Amir ul Tiber refuses to allow Sanchar to marry Turna Hatun. Malik Shah plays chess with Hodja Nizam ul Mulk and says he wants to meet Sanchar’s mother as she is a good woman.

Sefriye Khatoon
The next day, Rustem is hanged and Arslantis is removed when the sultan announces his sentence. She tells him not to come before her and live in shame. The Sultan speaks with Alcin Hatun, who reveals that Tarkan Katun was behind the plot against Sefrie Hatun and Hodja Nizam ul Mulk. He called Tarkan Hatun and said that after the examination, one of the women would be seriously injured.

Hassan Sabah found the secret book
Hassan Sabah finds the secret book, but in the next moment of relief, Sanchar points the tip of his sword at Hassan Sabah’s neck!
Is it the end of the next Hassan Sabah episode? Will Turna Hatun succeed in getting his father to agree to his decision to marry? who will be hanged; Alchin Khatun or Tarkaan Khatun? Will the Sultan face Basulu Hatun? To find answers to these questions, be sure to watch the next Great Seljuk episode on

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