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Nizam-e-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Episode 3 urdu subtitles free of cost

Selcuklu Episode 3
Nizam al-Mulk is attempting to have a problem with Sultan, however Malik Shah says there could be as of now not any dangers to the state and rehashes his solicitation. Further sanjar comprehended the risk ahead of time and abandoned a few of his troopers. Malik Shah says he’s as of now not youthful and needs to see his child relax his heart. Malik Shah’s just desire is to see his child before he kicks the bucket.

Elcin and Seljuk
Further troopers Sanjar and Seljuk are beginning to battle. The Seldzuks won a long conflict. As warriors Elcin and Seljuk advancement towards the royal residence, Sanjar follows the aggressors. Nizam al-Mulk by and by cautions Melik Shaha and exhorts him not to see his child. Ruler and Nizam al-Mulk contend. After Malik Shah settle the Turkmen inquiry, he arranges Nizam to bring his child.

Tapar and Elcin
Sanjar gets one of the assailants and asks who provided him the request. In the interim, Tapar and Elcin show up at the royal residence. Hassan understands that the snare they set was pointless and asks Tapar how he made due. Malik Shah discovers that his child has been harmed, and visits him right away. Tapar lets his dad know what occurred. King Malik Shah is extremely furious about this and calls elcina to himself.

Elcin’s troopers
Further in an Episode of Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu 3, Sultan Melik Shah takes the sword. Elcin puts his head on the table where she will be executed, however Malik Shah won’t kill her. Obviously, Elcin is coming clean. Malik Shah concedes that Elcin is guiltless, however faults Elcin’s officers for the assault. Malik Shah says there are proof and orders for all militaries to plan for the approaching conflict in Anatolia.

Elcin Hatun
Elcin Hatun will currently stay in the royal residence and the Turkmen clan will be managed by a lead representative. Elcin could do without this choice, however there is no other viable option for them. After the gathering, Nizam al-Mulk cautions the ruler once more, saying that the development of another main successor will create new issues. Malik Shah hates him and orders his request to be satisfied.

Seferiye Hatun
Further Seferiye Hatun visited Elcin and said again that she was honest. Terken is entirely awkward with Elcin remaining in the castle, and he thinks there is one more justification for this episode. Sanjar surrenders the body of the government operative he caught to warriors from the royal residence and goes to converse with Nizam. Sanjar’s mom becomes sick and drops. Nizam and Sanjar imply the fate of the state. Sanjar says he will invade the Fatimas and uncover everything.

Sanjar thinks
Nizam attempts to stop him, however Sanjar doesn’t rebel. Sanjar leaves the swords that Nizam gave him and goes out. The Fatimas chief says he will assume control over the economy, schooling, and culture to take over Seldzuk. Turna attempts to fix a wiped out kid, however every one of the prescriptions he takes won’t work. Sanjar goes to the Kinik Plain and finds that his mom is sick. Sanjar imagines that Turna can mend her mom and that she will search for her.

Elcin’s officers
Further in Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 3, Nizam al-Mulk asks Sanjar how his mom is doing and gives a mystery message. Pioneer Fatimids meets Hassan covertly. Hassan will gain from his new tasks and says he will chip away at moving to higher situations at the royal residence. Sanjar holds up with his mom the entire evening contemplating Turn. Ilteber blows up at Turn and says he had a contention with Nizam over her. While Melik Shah films the preparation at the royal residence, Elcin tends to him and starts talking. Melik Shah grasps a bolt and requests that he shoot. This is the Whole Story behind Episode 3 of Seljuk Season. Desire to track down the information and know history from our accounts.

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