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Nizam-e-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Episode 30 urdu subtitles free of cost

Great Seljuk Review Episode 29
The previous episode made us all curious and curious to know what happened when Basulu and Tarkan Hatun were in the same tent. Tarkan ordered Basulu Hatun to turn around because he wanted to see them. Just as she was about to show her face, Zubaida Hatun entered and asked Tarkan to leave the tent. Sultan Malik Shah seemed to be speaking and his attention was distracted. Meanwhile, Zubaida Hatun ordered Basulu Hatun to leave.
Then there is the continuation of the battle between the Seljuks and Fidas and the Crusaders. The Seljuks fought valiantly under Sanjar’s tutelage.

Zubaida Khatun and Tarkan Khatun spoke and Tarkan Khatun left the Kinik tribe. Zubaida Hatun meets Basulu Hatun and the Sultan wakes up. He tells Zubaida about his dream about his father and Sanjar. He advised him to rest, but the sultan did not agree.
On the other hand, Marcos and Hassan Sabah fled the battle. The Christian leader saves them and becomes furious to find that the necessary documents have been lost and the sultan is still alive.
The Sultan returns to his mission to find Marcos and Hassan Sabah.
Tarkan Khatun advised Taj ul Mulk to act according to the plan they made against Zubaida Khatun. The sultan arrived at the castle and ordered everyone to report what they were doing.
Basulu Hatun shows his affection for Turna Hatun.
Taj ul Mulk informed Hodja of the Sultan’s orders. Hodja scoffs that the sultan should know that he was the man behind the ambush of Sanjar. Khwaja, Tapar and Sanjar hand over the prison to the Sultan (Panglima Albert). The Sultan shares his new plan to find Sabah and Marcos. He was happy to see the document again. Isakios, Sabah, Marcos and Libya are worried about a commander imprisoned by Sanjar. Sultan was very angry with Taj ul Mulk. Also, Malik Shah Arslantis returned his sword.

Hodja Nizam tells Sanjar that his secret is also known to Zubaida. He also said that he decided to reveal this secret on the orders of Zubaida Khatun. He also said that he wanted Malik Berkyaruk to be the Sultan’s eldest son and rule the castle. He wanted to unite the sons of Sultan Malik Shah.
Sultan shared his dream with a scientist that he saw Basulu in his dream. Sanjar talks to Albert in the dungeon. Isakis planned their future attack on Malik Shah with the Commander-in-Chief. Crusaders attack Malik Shah to save Albert. But the Sultan could understand Marcos and Sabah’s place through their plans. Sanjar apologizes for having to go to the tribe as a new Kinik chieftain has to be chosen after Korkut Sardar’s death. Sultan asks him to be sardar of his tribe.

Sabah asks Faisal and Libya to plan something as Sanjar and Turna’s marriage does not symbolize good for them. Khwaja speaks of cruelty to the Anatolian people. The Sultan appointed Malik Tapar to handle the steel problem.
Zubaida Hatun and Asifzari meet with the Sultan. He shares your opinion, Sultan, that they should order steel from Berkjaruk. Sultan agrees and asks for preparation. Zubaida Khatun wants to take responsibility for this problem.
Taj ul Mulk and Hassan Sabah have formed an alliance. Tarkan Khatun wants to punish Zubaida Khatun. So he asked Taj ul Mulk to attack the steel caravan.
Other characters are also introduced in this episode. It turned out that Sultan Malik Shah did not have a good relationship with his brother. The sultan told his brother to stay within his borders.

Hassan Sabah and Marcos plan to take the steel and destroy it. Mahmalik is a little angry that the Sultan cannot devote enough time to his mother, thinking that Tarkan Khatun has been neglected. But the sultan asked him to stay friendly as he had already done a lot.
Libya seems to have a hard time making Turna Hatun hate Sanjar. Sanjar also attended the luncheon arranged for the appointment of the cynical new chieftain. A senior member reminds all participants of the rules and the manager on duty. The commander informs Sultan Malik Shah about their activities. He greets them and asks them to be healthy and they will strengthen discipline and rule the country.
After the battle and discussion, all members and participants agreed that Sanjar would be the new head of the Kinik tribe. He took the oath and received the hereditary sword from Bailey. Then the news of Sanjar’s appointment as the new Sardar of the Cynic tribe was announced, and he addressed everyone to his cause and raised them up with his strong voice and speech. Sanjar and Turna understand that Libya is planning to separate them. So Sanjar says he will talk to Turna’s father and get married soon.

as much as possible.
The Marcos and Sabah Alps attack the caravan transporting steel from Berkyaruk to the castle. They took all the steel and were on the moon. Zubaida Hatun blushed upon hearing that the steel had been stolen. The Sultan’s brother also entered the palace with his son Ahmad.
Amir ul Tiber was poisoned the day he had to set the date for Turna’s wedding. Sultan was angry when his brother approached him and mentioned their door. He questions his progress as Sultan.
Let’s see what Turna and Sanjar’s marriage turns out to be. Will Sabah and Marcos be able to postpone this wedding? And if you want to know how the sultan treats his brother, wait for the next episode. We are also curious to see the Sultan’s reaction when he learned about the anti-theft attack.

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