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Nizam-e-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Episode 8 urdu subtitles free of cost

In the past episode that is episode 8 of Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu, selçuklu Episode 7 Sanjar at last got out of the large box, attempting to sort out where he was. Hassan Sabbah said that Byzantine troopers and blades couldn’t enter Kuvel.

Hasan’s Decision
Attas gets it and values Hasan’s choice. Hassan selçuklu Episode 7 determined what he had some awareness of Ghazari and how perilous he was. The head of Fatimid understood that Ghazali was substantially more risky than he suspected and they needed to kill him quickly. Behram let Dai know that he thought Sanjar. The head of Fatimid paid attention to Behram and trusted that he would put Sanjar to a troublesome test. Simultaneously, Sanjar attempted to find an exit from the mystery working of Fatimis.

Tajul Mulk
Tajul Mulk told Terken that Qasim needed to wed a lady from the line. Terken Sultan was astonished to hear that Kasim needed to wed Mahmelek. The visionary at long last showed up from a mystery place, yet was gone after by a gathering of troopers. Sanjar’s government agent companion showed up without a second to spare and saved him. Sanjar means to get back to the city straightaway and advised his companions to illuminate Nizam.

Byzantine Soldier
Leader Andreas discovered that Ilteber was irate with Melik Shah and made a move to draw in him. Simultaneously, a Byzantine fighter came and said that every one of the warriors from Constantinople had been killed. Andreas was exceptionally furious and said he would get payback.

Girl Turna
The visionary observed the water line behind the divider and furtively sent messages from that point. Andreas’ emissary (Enreas) said that he needed to make a truce and that Byzantium would constantly uphold Ilteber. Ilteber requested the assessment from his little girl Turna. In spite of the fact that Ilteber had attaches with the Selcuks, he said that the settlement on fellowship with Bozantium was not harmed and he consented to the arrangement proposed by the representative.

kill Ghazali
Futher turna went to a mystery spot to meet Sanjar and began sitting tight for him. Behram brought Sanjar and bowed to him to kill Ghazali. Sanjar said he would kill Ghazali and go with the two men. At the supper, Emir Kasim said that his officers will continuously uphold Malik Shah and he trusts that they will reinforce to lay out solidarity in Anatolia.

Turna came to Sanđar
Further now, in the seventh episode of Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu, Elcin comprehends Terken’s arrangement and says that he won’t ever wed Kasim. Nizam tracked down Sanđar and took him some place. Turna came to Sanđar and conversed with him. Turna said that she saw Sanđar’s privileged data, and Sanjar said that he needed to see her by the stream.

Ghazali’s Death
The ninja conveyed a mystery message and went right into it, so Ghazali didn’t bite the dust. Nizam said that he provided details regarding all that occurred in Sudan, and Melik Shah visited Ghazali. Melik Shah conversed with Sanjar and asked him how the injury was. Dai and Hassan talk about Ghazali’s passing and contemplate Nizam’s new arrangement. Dai requested to obliterate all that was left in Ghazali.

Byzantine Castle
Further george came to the Byzantine palace and educated Commander Andreas concerning the consecrated antiques. George expressed that to get back at the Fatimids, they should accept their sacred articles. Administrator Andreas sent George to take the artifact. Nizam said that he met among Sanjar and Turna and cautioned Sanjar about this.

Turna Entered His Mother’s
Turna entered his mom’s grave and acquainted Sanđar with her. Whenever Elcin was as yet furious at Kasim’s proposition, Terken gave her a gift box. Afterward, Teken came in and told her that he needed to give her a wedding present. At the point when Elcin attempted to call for marriage, Terken advised her to pack the property at the earliest opportunity.

Wed Kasim
Futher george requested his men to go to the fields of Sanyar. Arslantas let Sanjar know what had befallen him and cautioned him again about Turn. Before the wild fight, Sanjar went to the plain to visit his family members. Melik Shah called Elcin and communicated displeasure regarding her inconsiderateness. Elcin paid attention to the ruler and explained to her why he would have rather not hitched Kasim.

Byzantine Businessman
Further terken Sultan saw Kasim leave the royal residence and requested Elcin to follow all the more intently. Elcin understands that Terken has thought of another arrangement and desires to take over Kili and leave straightaway. Sanjar observed a Byzantine financial specialist who helped Iorgos and cut his finger. Melik Shah said that when the news came from Sanjar, he would go after Fatimid and get some information about Sanjar’s Event. Tapar said Sanjar has a mother.

Hassan Sabbah
Afterward, Melik Shah said that he needed to help Sanjar’s loved ones. Elcin enters the market and covertly converses with somebody about his sibling Kili. However, the covert agent sent by Terken figured out what Elcin was referring to. Hassan Sabbah said Ghazari’s demise had not yet been reported and cautioned Dai Bingguo regarding this situation.

Hasan said the individual who shot Ghazari was a government agent
At the point when Sanjar and Arslantas came, Dai said he would kill them. George started to go with Behram to photo the artifact. The shipper at the market gave the worker Elcin a message that said where Kili was. Nizam went to Khayyam’s consuming house and understood that somebody had started shooting in the royal residence. Elcin read a note given by a financial specialist and figured out where her sibling was. Elcin makes a prompt move to save her sibling Kilij. While Elcin is leaving, Terken goes to Melik Shah’s room and says that she will give him significant data. Sanjar and Arslantas begin to stand by to see Dai

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