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Who Was Selcan Hatun?

There are numerous inspirations to scrutinize Who Was Selcan Hatun?, but this article will explore the characters’ Personality and improvement. We will in like manner discuss the association among Selcan and Hafsa Hatun. Likewise, we will wrap up by pondering the destruction of Selcan. Accepting you value examining obvious fiction, you will participate in this book. It will connect with you start to finish. In this book, you will track down a clandestine individual with a rich history and spellbinding qualities.

Character progression

Character progression of Selcan Hatun occurs during the events of the second season of the series. In season two, Selcan was the principal individual from the Kayi Tribe to pass on, yet in season three, he was squashed by Ertugrul and sent off Sogut to join his family. Selcan is a clever and strong legend who for the most part stayed by his family, whether or not it was at an exceptional bet to himself.

The characters in the series moreover feature the young lady of Candar Bey, as well as the most energetic sister of Tugtekin Bey and Ural. She was similarly the fundamental mate of Sultan Alaeddin. She later falls head over heels for Gundogdu and endeavors to marry him, but Hayme thwarts the marriage. During her father’s standard, she has tense relationship with Selcan, and he is ceaselessly battling with her. After she finds reality, she collaborates with Sadettin Kopek to kill Osman, which she does.

Acar Bey, played by Renan Karagozoglu, is Ural’s closest accomplice. He by and large concurs with Ural, but purposes issues for Aliyar. He controls his young lady to transform into his specialist and later fails horrendously during work. His kid, Osman, is the closest friend of both Selcan and his kid, and he is sometimes referred to in the series. It is possible that he is a made up character, or considering a certified individual, but the individual is at this point a persuading one.

Another amiable individual in Selcan Hatun is Gundogdu Bey, portrayed by Kaan Tasaner. He is the most young offspring of Hayme Hatun, Ertugrul’s stepfather, and the father of Gokce. Selcan’s embraced mother, Halime, is the most young sister of Korkut Bey and her took on kid, Gundogdu. She also fills in as the responsive mother to his youngster, Selcan.

Character type

The ISFJ character type portrays Selcan Hatun. This kind of individual attempts genuinely anyway knows when to have a break. They are extraordinary communicators and facilitators, yet they could too control once in a while. They are moreover extraordinary crowd individuals. You can sort out more about Selcan Hatun’s personality type by taking the Myers-Briggs character type marker. This test will conclude whether Selcan Hatun is an ISFJ or an ESTJ.

Selcan Hatun relies upon the amazing individual Saljan. She is a princess from the Turkic world. In the Turkish transformation of this individual, she is portrayed by Didem Balcin. In the novel, Selcan Hatun is the life partner of Gundogdu Bey, offspring of Kayi Bey Suleyman Shah and senior kin of Ertugrul Bey. Selcan Hatun was a disgrace to the Kayi family and was a swindler. She was similarly a woman with a couple of fruitless works.

Selcan’s life in the novel was stacked up with difficulties.
After the Mongol assault, she disappeared to the Dodurga family. There, she turned out to be tragically captivated with Gundogdu and was secured to him. Subsequently, her second marriage with Ertugrul was unacceptable. Selcan’s way to statement of regret showed useful. In season three, she protected her family by killing her step-youngster Tugtekin, a jealous man. Yet again in season four, Selcan became pregnant. Her second marriage with Gundogdu made Selcan pregnant. No matter what her fruitless works, she had the choice to exhibit to her family that Aytolun Hatun was not the legend in the faction.

During the chief season, Hayme Ana influences the plot. Her character is satisfied with the presence of Selcan Alp, but she really harbors questions basically all comedians, famously Gundogdu, the top of the Kayi tribe. In the ensuing season, she transforms into the top of her tribe and follows her soul mate’s will by driving the Kayi family to his kin Korkut’s group.

Relationship with Hafsa Hatun

Halime and his significant other, Hafsa Hatun, were friends since from the beginning and had a comfortable relationship all through their lives. She was the young lady of a Christian Byzantine princess and later exchanged over totally to Islam. She was generally called Princess Helena. Hafsa married Bamsi Alp and had two youths, Aslihan and Aybars. Halime later dies and Hafsa takes over as the new Sultan’s soul mate.

Her young lady Aslihan, young lady of Candar Bey, and the second companion of Turgut Bey, went about as Hanim for the Cavdar family during her father’s standard. During their father’s standard, they had a conflict in regards to Ertugrul and Halime’s relationship with his father. During this time, Aslihan Hatun was betrayed by the puzzling Ertugrul, but later maintained him when she learned about Ural’s private. Around the completion of Season 5, Aslihan Hatun was martyred close by her significant other and kin, Turgut Alp.

Afife married Suleyman Pasa, and the couple had two kids. Afife was related with the advancement of her mother’s faithful foundations, and she transformed into their overseer. Her name is recorded on a report that nuances the improvement of a menzil and a school. She moreover appears on agreements determining the foundation’s usage of money. The records that go with the chronicles don’t say she laid out the foundations, yet she was related with the laying out arrangement of new ones.

Undertaking with Ertugrul’s friends and family. Ertugrul’s soul mate and mother in law, Aslihan, is related with Bahadir Bey. He is the life partner of Hafsa Hatun, the mother of Aslihan Hatun. Endeavors occur between the two men, and the young people are in danger of being taken. At last, Aslihan and Osman sort out some way to get by without milk.


“The Death of Selcan Hatun” is a Turkish evident show. In this story, a Turkish ruler is killed by his kin, Gundogdu downfall bey, a Turkish sovereign still hanging out there to control the country. The new Sultan, Giyaseddin, is requiring areas of strength for a who can shield the lord’s benefits. Kopek, the offspring of Gundogdu bey, grows his power inside the regal home. Consequently, he makes burden for the new Sultan Giyaseddin.

The story is told in subbing depictions from Gokce and Osman Bay.
The essential fragment is set previously; the second piece of the story occurs in the present. In the last part, Gokce uncovers the character of the chief, Can Kahraman, while the third region describes the record of the fate of his young lady, Halime. In this episode, the supervisors won’t help Barkin Bay, and he straightforwardly invites his own downfall.

One more episode revolves around the more energetic sister of Alptekin Bey, Hafsa Hatun. The two are hitched and have two children, one being a kid. Hafsa, meanwhile, is the young lady of store demir Halime. She is a Christian yet later devotees to Islam and takes the name Hafsa. After the downfall of Halime Sultan, she transforms into his substitution.

Acar Bey (Redan Karagozoglu) is the closest accomplice of Ural and moreover the father of Gokce. The two are darlings and finally experience energetic affections for and almost marry. Regardless, Ares defeats their arrangement by hurting his young lady. Meanwhile, Gokce’s more energetic kin, Gunyeli Hatun, is killed by Komutan Angelos, a Templar.

Character’s relationship with Ertugrul

The Netflix series “Ertugrul” rotates around the story of a the man course of Turkish history by spreading out a state in western Anatolia. The series navigates 5 seasons and 448 episodes. Ertugrul, who is similarly the chief person of the principal season, is an evident figure with a perplexing connection with his family and the world. Wandering factions didn’t have formed annals, so they passed down their records through oral custom. The dispute that occurred during this time hurt or demolished created stories and Ertugrul was just a group boss from western Anatolia.

In season four, Ertugrul’s relationship with his family is anxious.
The offspring of Ertugrul, Osman Bey, is the legend of the series. He is the third offspring of Ertugrul and Halime Sultan. He is moreover the most young offspring of Ertugrul. He has a dream of his granddad, Suleyman Sah, and attempts to be the differentiation of the Kayi faction. In season two, he remarries Selcan Hatun, whom he sees as his mother. In like manner, his relationship with Ertugrul and his family ends up being impressively more tangled.

Halime Hatun is the second mate of Ertugrul.

She was Ertugrul’s #1 companion and had two youngsters, Gunduz and Sungurtekin. She was similarly a talented competitor and promptly insightful Ertugrul’s doing combating style. Halime and Ertugrul’s relationship went on as before in Season 2.

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