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Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 English & Urdu subtitles free of cost

The first action was taken by the Lightning Team, which was made up of Altay and Akil’s fellow soldiers. Taking Abraham Müller hostage to incite a conflict between Greece and Turkey!

The management team of the Goliath structure, which is preparing sinister plans for Turkey, is greatly alarmed by this development. They start using exceptional security measures right away.
The Consul will take a private aircraft up for a 24-hour flight. Their top priority is Altay Kurdolu. Abraham Müller is a member of the staff who is from outside the country and has extensive knowledge of the Consul. Altay should first not be allowed access to this information.

He gives Ahmet Hemşinli the clue he discovered and uses his own techniques to get the solution. But a great surprise is in store for him along the way!

Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 English Subtitles

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Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 Urdu Subtitles

Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 Urdu Subtitles Source 2

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