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Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Episode 4 Urdu Subtitles

The dagger does not push and remove it. Mother, that was a mistake. If true, innocence follows. You won’t approach this chick. Lord Timur, I will never wed this girl. I’m saying, “He hurt me, mother, trying to stop.” Would I abandon him if he was guilty? Will you decide whether he is innocent? Salar, spash! Your stipend was not properly paid. Aq Timur, bring this young man to the forefront of his scholarship. Yurek Cikmazi Episode 1 With English Subtitles Online

Timor, sir! I won’t be near this girl again, please. The final words I have for you are these. very best These outfits are extremely stunning. They originate in Constantinople. Take a close look at measuring and treating it. A visit to Constantinople

Arabic subtitles for the first episode of Yurek Cikmazi
These clothing should fill every one of my wardrobes. What a bunch of talk! What’s Capitol wearing everywhere? It appears to be preparing for the bridegroom. When I misplaced the Nagan named Ferrag in the street, Mara was also there. I have no faith in this woman at all. Mara joined Ferrag as he arrived. Ayesha! Sisters watch over it. Since the morning, I have been sending them behind him.

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