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Original history of Turgut Alp

If we look at the pages of the history of Islam, we will find such benefactors and such warriors whose bravery and wisdom Muslims and non-Muslims could not help but pay tribute. A study of the history of Islam reveals that in the Ottoman Empire, Islam had spread to all corners of the globe, and that the race of wars in that period gave birth to such benefactors whose history and bravery are still in European libraries.

available. One of these heroes is Turgat Alp, whose bravery is impossible to exemplify, and we can see a glimpse of his bravery in the Ertughal Ghazi drama.
Turkat was not only a drama character but he had a very close relationship with the Ottoman family and in his 125 years of life he always fought against the infidels and his martyrdom was while fighting the infidels.

Turgut Alp was a very close friend and fighter of Ertugrul Ghazi. He was one of their biggest supporters and a famous warrior of the Ottoman Empire. By the end of the Abbasid Empire in the thirteenth century, the Muslim Ummah was going through a critical period, and the Muslims had become much weaker in the face of the Mongols and the Crusaders.

At the same time, a new empire began to emerge on the world map, which the world still knows as the Ottoman Empire. But before that the Muslims were the target of oppression by the Mongol army.

They conquered many areas of the Muslims and went on to conquer every village, every city and every kind of world. In such a situation, he came across a Turkish tribe which was well known for its bravery and fighting skills, where the bravery and wisdom of Suleiman the Magnificent and his son Ertugrul Ghazi were well known. Turgat Alp, a young warrior from the same tribe, also made a name for himself in history.

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One of the main reasons for the fame of Turgat Alp was his ax with which he had killed tens of millions of enemies. That is why his ax became the most famous weapon in the world at that time.

Turgut’s weapon, his ax, adorns a Turkish museum today. The ax was ninety-two centimeters long and weighed one kilogram. The steel ax was double-edged and had leather in its armor. His ax is considered to be the strongest ax ever in the East and West.

After the death of Artughal Ghazi, Turgut continued to support his son and the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Usman Ghazi. He was with Uthman from the first victory to the last.

In 1999, he sent Turgut Alp to conquer the city of Angol in northwestern Turkey, where he ruled for 36 years in peace and prosperity. After Usman’s death, Turgat continued to support his son.

Turgut Alp supported him in his conquests as his most trusted adviser.

About five hundred years after his death in 1877, a new city came into being within the Ottoman Empire, named Turgat Alp.

Ertuğrul Gazi Türbesi'nin bahçesi.JPG

He was martyred at the age of 125 in a famous battle in which his famous ax was in his hand. He was buried in the village of Turgut Alp in the Turkish city of Anagol. Being a close associate of Ertugrul Ghazi, there is also an honorary tomb outside his tomb.

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