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BENiM DUNYAM (MY WORLD) With English Subtitles HD

BENİM DÜNYAM has a plot very reminiscent of THE MIRACLEWORKER (1962), although the previous film was not credited. In Ugur Yucel’s sentimental work, the deaf-mute young girl Eda (Beren Saat) is gradually socialized into normal life through the efforts of dedicated teacher Mahir (Yucel). The procedure is not without problems; His father (Turgay Kanturk) prefers to see him in a mental hospital. Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes.

The plot is familiar; And the Yücel film doesn’t help even the rudimentary shooting style, which alternates between shooting/reverse shots and group shots. The only truly effective technique he uses is when he zooms in on close-ups of characters’ faces during moments of extreme emotion.

The film is full of anachronisms – although it is estimated to be over thirty years old, neither father nor mother Eda (Aycha Bingyol) seem to be very old – unlike Mahir, who grows characteristic gray hair as the film progresses. The order of the seventies is marred by heartbreaking moments; Newlyweds are unlikely to kiss each other on the lips immediately after the wedding ceremony, especially if they are out in public. Advanced’s descent into Alzheimer’s disease seems unconvincing; he is forgotten again and again, then suddenly lost for words until Edda “redeems” him at the end. I hope the disease can be cured easily.

However, BENİM DÜNYAM is still worth watching because of Yücel’s outstanding central performance as Proficient. His obsession is well illustrated through gestures; and his emotional concern for Edda’s well-being is highlighted in a particularly moving sequence as he reads a speech he had prepared at the dinner party, but is unable to continue as tears well up in his eyes. Yücel is aided by an effective guest appearance by Erdal Küçukkömurçu as university administrator – although aware of his position and the future of his institution, he dampens effectiveness with human sentiment, especially when it comes to the futures of Eda and Mahir.

Perhaps the music could be a little less distracting – it forms a depressing backdrop for most scenes – but BENİM DÜNYAM is still worth watching.

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