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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman, episode 91 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 92, Selcan goes to Osmans tent and says that someone attacked. While Osman is trying to understand what happened, Selcan says that Cornelia was injured. Osman asks his soldiers to find this attacker immediately. Selcan says that while she was praying in her tent, a man entered but Cornelia was injured. Barkin asks Ibrahim to stay with the tribe tonight and takes him to his tent.

Nikola gives Turgut chests full of gold and wants to take Inhisar from him. Turgut says that this offer is insufficient. Nikola says he will give tax to Turgut in the future. Turgut says he will think about this offer. Selcan says she will reveal the truth about Cornelia and prepares a poison. Osman begins to investigate the death of Umur and Ivaz again and therefore asks Barkin questions

Cornelia gets sick the next day and tells Selcan that she is not feeling well. Osman starts to investigate the crime scene with Barkin. Selcan says she poisoned Cornelia and asks her to confess all the truth. Cornelia says she is innocent. Cerkutay shows Osman the blood he saw in the trees. Arius’ men watch Osman from afar and prepare to attack. Arius realizes that something is wrong. Osman then attacks a caravan going to Inegol, but Nikola gets out of the car. Nikola calls his soldiers and attacks Osman. Kosses also helps Osman. The masked man Osman fought before appears and attacks him.

Osman and his soldiers start to follow this masked man. The masked man kills Saltuk, but Osman catches him. Nikola sees his master dead and gets very angry. Ibrahim tries to learn about Cornelias condition but fails. Osman says Gunduz and Aisha are still alive. Gunduz soon comes to the tribe with his wife. Turgut apologizes first and then Kosses to Gunduz. Ibrahim and Barkin are very surprised to see this situation.

Nikola gets very angry because his master is dead and kills Mateus. Arius arrives at the castle a short time later. Selcan gives gifts to the people of the tribe on behalf of Orhan. That night, Osman makes a plan for the places he will conquer soon and tells this his friends. The people of Sogut soon learn that the Sultan and the Emperor will come to the inn. Arius; spies immediately relay this information to him.

The people of Sogut are very happy to see the Sultan. Osman then goes to the inn and attends this meeting. The Emperor asks Nicholas to calm down and forget his ideas of revenge. The Sultan says he wants to continue the peace agreement they made before. Osman says that Geyhatu was punished by Argun and that the Mongolian soldiers are no longer a big threat.

After thinking for a while, the Emperor accepts Osmans conditions in order to restore peace in the region. The Sultan orders the text of this agreement to be prepared immediately. While leaving the inn, Nikola stops Osman and says he doesn care about this deal. Nikola says he will kill Osman soon. Osman says that if Nikola breaks this agreement, he will kill him. Sultan says he wants this peace treaty to be alive for a long time.

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In Kurulus Osman episode 92 Abdal told the guards in the nursery that they had to go to confession. Then Abdal tied up the two Byzantine soldiers and left the room with the children. Rogat believes that Abdal cannot speak Latin and stops him in the corridor of the monastery. Abdal started talking to Rogatus in Latin and said he was leading the children into the convent kitchen. Rogatus went to check on the soldiers in the room and learned that they had been neutralized by the priestess.

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Marie tells Turgut that Coses is trying to force him to marry Nicola. Nicholas realizes that Osman brought the kids back and is furious. Nicholas says he will attack Sogut to avenge Osman and leaves with Rogatus. After calming down Boran, Osman immediately returned to his tribe. Osman handed over Turkish children to their families. After Osman embraced his son, he said that the Byzantines were trying to change the religion of Turkish children.

In Kurulus Osman episode 92 Osman invited the rescued children and their families to his tent. Osman served ready meals to his guests and started eating them. Ahmed started telling Osman what had happened at the monastery. Cherkutai talks to Aigul again and asks why he doesn’t want to get married. Aigul says again that he doesn’t want to be sad, but Cherkutai says that he will continue to wait for him.

Osman’s troops killed these spies one by one. Osman finally catches Gregor in the middle of Sogut. Gregor apologized to Osman many times. Osman tells Gregor that he learned all of his plans from Akca and accuses him of trying to kill innocent people. Osman says the punishment for this crime is death and executes Grigor. Later, the people leave their homes and understand why Osman killed Gregor.

Sultan osman I is also called Osman Gazi. Born in 1258 to Ertugrul, chief of a Turkish Qai tribe. In Kurulus Osman, episode 84 Proved to be superior to his father in his attributes and qualities. You had all the qualities like courage, leadership, justice and fairness. He participated in many wars under his father till 1281 AD. Then after the death of his father he became rich.
As soon as Sultan Osman came to power, he began to conquer the frontier areas of the Byzantine Christian Empire. The reason for attacking the Byzantine territories was that they were right next to the Ottoman territory. In the beginning, Uthman’s actions were defensive. The Byzantine fortresses invaded the frontier areas of the Seljuk Empire, and Uthman, as the Seljuk sultan’s deputy, had to fight them. But he never lost the war.
Uthman’s first major victory (Qaraja Hesar):

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 English Subtitles Free of Cost

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In Kurulus Osman episode 92 osman laid siege to the fortress of Qaraja and soon conquered this Byzantine fortress. After his conquest, Uthman warned the Byzantines well that their competition was not easy. The Seljuk Sultan was very happy with this victory and he gave Uthman the possession of Qaraja Hesar and all the surrounding area, which Uthman had acquired by force of sword. And called it “Nezbek”. Usman was allowed to issue his own coin in this area. Thus all the accessories of the kingdom became available to Uthman. In 1299, Sultan Uthman declared his independence.
In 1300, the Seljuk Empire was overthrown by the Tatar invasion of Asia Minor, and Uthman became completely independent. After that, Uthman made all the victories like an independent ruler.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

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Kurulus Osman episode 92 Arabic Subtitles

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