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Teskilat Episode 56 English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

56 of Season Three of Teskilat with Urdu subtitles Take him to the hospital right away. It doesn’t matter; he is obviously a poor man. Please let me know whether my service qualifies. Lord Boris Whatever method you choose, let’s talk about entering the room. I came to discuss the issue with the bank and the hospital’s ongoing construction with you. But as I can see, Judge, you’re really busy. I’ll trouble you once more at a convenient time. Teskilat Episode 9 of Season 3 in Urdu

Different types of traders can be found in Bera and Ghalata. You can learn about any problems they may be having if you have good relations with them. Teskilat Episode 8 of Season 3 in Urdu How old are you?

Episode 56 of Season 3 of Teskilat A child killer in Urdu I’m OK, so please be alone Both of you visit the checkpoint The checkpoint is where you both must proceed. This is my order. You are allegedly an unnamed man. Unexpectedly, an Ottoman officer identified you. For ten years, I have been working for Caesar. That comes naturally to me. It’s a strange event that I went through. There is a meeting this evening, according to our agent within his ranks. Today, I’m going to see him to find out more.

Caesar places a high value on this. I was only sent here covertly for that. Traitors must be isolated and exposed one by one. My friend, I was overjoyed to travel here with you. 56 in Teskilat Season 3 with Urdu subtitles I think the homicidal assaults on Caesar are a ruse by these traitors. Every secret is tied to another. Every secret is tied to another. What information has our man on the inside provided? I’ll finally be able to realise how all secrets are connected today because up until this point, our contact was secret. Bring along a security meeting. Episode 56 of Season 3 of Teskilat We lost the Ambassador House two weeks ago. You won’t be receiving anything from me. If he learns that I have a companion,

I came here myself since I don’t trust anyone. I’ll speak with the ambassador directly. Now I realise What’s wrong and what happened? You are well aware of what took place. Untrue man I believed you. Lara. First, explain to me what is so friendly. Why are you treating me like this? Every time I put my trust in you, you let me down. I travelled to Zandan to see you. You weren’t content. Release date for Teskilat Season 3 Episode 56? I was duped by you. Who are you talking to? Lara Tell me first, please. Nothing further to say at this time. I’ve had enough of your lies. Mustafa. Son, hold off and avoid burdening it I’m going to keep pursuing him until I find out what happened. Can I please have some flowers and lemons? Go,

You even brought yourself to us. You won’t see them anymore. Let’s dazzle them with our dictionaries. Only one thing remained. And the purpose of that was to get the Russian envoy here. I don’t see why it wasn’t difficult to persuade him. Because a man who is angry treats his adversaries more harshly. All of this preparation and work. A judge and an officer altered Russia’s course as a whole. Will we come back here to stay? The ideal location will be provided by Sir Boris. If something is required, let me know. YouTube Teskilat Season 3 Episode 55 I actually require one item. Self-immolating, he. A fork was stuck in my heart. I won’t experience that anymore. I sense that. Following the incident of

Greetings from Fedat. Thanks Ghiyahuddin Hathmi here, the judge of Galati. Happy to meet you. I’m sorry we offended you by calling you from Bosnia. Doesn’t matter; I must speak with Ola? In the instance of the bank, Qazi Hazrat. Do you know Estaz Merco, a watchmaker? Merco, the clockmaker, of course. 56th episode of Teskilat season 3 with Urdu subtitles on Facebook
If so, wait inside for me; I’ll be there after I finish my duties. a voice that sounds demonic. a voice that sounds demonic. Here is the scoundrel. They occasionally act this way because their health is poor. Fidat sir, all right, all right Do you know the judge and the devil? I witnessed it with my own eyes, and the devil truly did blind him.

Teskilat Episode 56 With English Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 56 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 56 Arabic Subtitles

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