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Nizam-e-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Episode 13 urdu subtitles free of cost

Great Seljuk

Great Seljuk, which is originally produced in the Turkish language, is a historical series based on the empowerment of the Seljuk dynasty. Sultan Malik Shah and his son Sanchar are the main characters of not only this series but also, occupy a prominent significance in the history of the Seljuk Dynasty. This series is an intriguing amalgam of love, faith, wisdom, conspiracy, bravery, sacrifice, and suffering. The invincible ruler, Sultan Malik Shah together with the intellectual and valor of his son Sanchar fights against various noisy and silent battles against the enemies and traitors.

Review of Previous Episode

The previous episode starts when Arsalantis ran after his brother, Rustem and the alps of Sanchar rescue him. Back in the castle, Alcuin Khatoon plans with Khwaja Nizamulmulk to call a trustworthy doctor to check Safriye Khatoon. She, with the assistance of Gawher Khatoon. Lets Turna Khatoon observe Sefriye Khatoon. And then, they come to know the fact that Head Khatoon is slowly being poisoned to death through lamps’ smoke.
Sultan Malik Shah, Sanchar, Malik Tapar, and Khwaja Nizamulmulk devise a way to stop Batini’s from bringing dynamite to Isfahan. They write a letter to the new Fatimids leader Mustali and succeed in calling a delegation to meet Batini Head.


Rustem makes Arslantis drink a potion that affects his mind and makes him unconscious. Hassan Sabbah makes him meet with his mother who convinces Arslantis that Nizamulmulk killed his father and separated their family.
Alcuin Khatoon comes to know that Sultan Malik Shah was not in love with her. It tears her heart apart. On the other hand, Turna and Sanchar too have a little harsh conversation. Further they both agree mutually on not intervening in other’s matters.

Further nizamulmulk and Sanchar attack the Fatimi delegation and convince them on bringing Head Fidai to them. While the Fatimids were having a conversation with the masked Head Fidai, the Seljuk army attacks them. Nizamulmulk questions the masked person. They all get extremely shocked when they come to know that Arslantis was behind the mask. All of a sudden, Arslantis pushes his dagger into Nizamulmulk saying that was his revenge for separating him from his family.

Are you intrigued to know what happened to Sanchar’s mother that enraged him? Will Nizamulmulk survive after the brutal attack by Arslantis? To know the next energetic character in the series, do watch Great Seljuk Episode 13

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