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Nizam-e-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Episode 14 urdu subtitles free of cost

Khwaja Nizamulmulk Uyanış büyük selçuklu episode 14 is operated by a doctor. Alcin Hatun and Gaucher Hatun decided to make Turna Hatun live in the castle. Hassan Sabah goes to Tajulmulk and makes him believe that he is the strongest candidate to replace Hodja Nizam ul Mulk as Hodja’s injury may take months to heal while Sultan will not wait that long. Alcin Hatun asks Turna Khatun to stay in the castle and look after Hodja because those who poison Sefrie Khatun will kill Nizam ul Mulk.

Malik Shah’s orders
In the forest, Sanchar and his Alps express their concern for Hodja, and of course they know that Malik Shah will suspect them. And their fears came true when Tapar told Malik Shah about Sanchar’s intentions for Arslantis. Malik Shah orders the arrest of Sanchar and his family.
Tapar suggested that the king of Kovel Castle take part in the explosion and take responsibility for the explosion.

Sanchar finds Atlantis and is about to fight Arslantis when he learns that the Sultan has ordered his capture. Sanchar asks Edugudu to take care of the people in his tribe.
Arslantis’ mother asked Hassan Sabah to return her son. He admits he lied to his son to meet him. Hassan hits him while Rustem stands and doesn’t say anything.

Tarkan Hatun
Tarkan Khatun told Tajulmulk that the Sultan called his son Berkyaruk. He warned him to be more careful and promised to do whatever it took to persuade the sultan to elevate him to the state of Khwaja.
Tajulmulk then went to the Sanchar tribe and arrested Sanchar’s mother and other villagers.
Hassan Sabah’s son, Faisal, is also seen in the photo.
Malik Shah told Hassan Sabah that he would kill Andreas. Sooner or later he will be killed. Hassan Sabah asked Behram to inform Andreas of the attack early so he could find an escape route.
In the presence of his special assistant and Tarkan Hatun, the sultan thinks to call deewan e aala to appoint someone like Khwaja and he must say so when Turna Khatoon runs to say that Khwaja is out of danger.

Hodja Nizamulk
Sanchar takes Arslantis to Amadani Hadrat, where the poison’s effect on Arslantis’ spirit seems to wear off. Arslantis regretted his actions and they reminded him of the headquarter of Fidey.
Behram warns Andreas about Malikshah’s intentions. Instead, Andreas appointed her husband as the successor of Sultan Maliksyah because he now wanted to kill Malisk Shah to avoid war with him.

About Tajulmulk aksi action
Another togan reported Tajulmulk’s actions to Sanchar, and he said Tajulmulk had hit his mother. Sanchar is angry at Tajulmulk. Tarkan Hatun asks Firdous to add poison to Hodja’s food which is being prepared by Turna Hatun.
Ameer ul Tier cooperated with Faisal and said he had traded with the Fatimids before. Faisal helps him because he wants to control Selemzar.
A lady positions the food prepared by Turna Khatoon and Khawaja eats it. His condition worsens and Turna realizes that he has poisoned Kwaja.

Basulu Hatun
Sanchar beats Tajulmulk for defeating Basulu Katun. Tajulmulk returns to the castle and Malik Shah gets angry at Sanchar again.
Hassan realizes that Sanchar wants to attack him. They later discovered that Arslantis’ mother had run away. Hassan orders his men to find him dead or alive. They are fleeing to jungle when Sanchar attacks them. After a short struggle, Hassan and Behram fled. Sanchar follows him, but Sultan Malik Shah stops him and asks why he disobeyed Tapar’s orders and why he defeated Tajulmulk. Sanchar interrogates Sultan Malik Shah, whereupon the Sultan gets angry and beats Sanchar.

What are your hopes for the next episode? Will Andreas succeed in killing Sultan Malik Shah? Will Hwaja breathe again? What will happen to the Toura? To answer all your questions

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