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Who was Kamral Abdal? His role in the history and establishment of the Ottoman Empire.

We will talk about Kamral Abdal with references to the books written by Campalpazidi, Theory II of Uthman. It states that Kamral Abdal was born in 1210 AD, but history is silent about the city in which he was born.

The name of this dervishes is mentioned as Darut or Targot and he was a disciple of Sheikh Adibali. At that time, Sheikh Adib Ali, also known as Adibali in Turkish, lived near a village in the city of Aitbroona, near the city of Kamral.

However, Sheikh Imandar was an important part of an organization of professionals called Ahi in Turkish and Arabic. The skilled people associated with this organization took up various professions keeping in view the Islamic principles.

Comrade Abdal was present with Sheikh Adibali and both of them were entrusted with the responsibility of training the students and spreading the religion. It is said that once Usman Ghazi stayed at the house of Sheikh Adib Ali and there he had a famous dream in which Usman saw a big tree coming out of his chest and in some places touching that place, the branches of which spread all over the earth.

Are surrounding And after waking up, when he told this dream to Sheikh Adibali, Kamral Abdal was also there and Shaykh Adib Ali interpreted this dream and gave the good news of the establishment of the kingdom to Usman through Kamral Abdal.

Historical Contradiction

There is some contradiction between the two historians. If we accept the year of Kamral Abdal’s death as 1286, then he died before the Ottoman Empire became the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. And according to him, Kamral Abdal lived in two different places. Another Ottoman historian, Ahmed Dede Monicumersi, who was born in 1631 AD, mentioned the history written by Idris Betli in his history book.

Maniksambsi also added that Khizr AS conveyed the divine message of the emergence of an eternal Ottoman state to Kamral Abdal. And Kamral Abdal gave this good news to Usman Ghazi. Kumaral Abdal’s mausoleum is located on Bursa Eskihar Road in Boziuk / Blake, Yellar District. Kamral Abdal was a Sufi and a Sunni as well as a great Baba. But even in this case, his words were full of knowledge and understanding.

Sometimes, he would say things that people did not understand but were full of knowledge and wisdom. Many places in Turkey are named after him. Kamral Abdal was a legendary figure and played a significant role in the history of the Ottoman Empire.

Mention of Kamral Abdal in Hasht Behesht

According to the famous Ottoman historian Idris Batalisi, Kamral Abdal was a dervishes who took an active part in the jihad against the infidels. And they lived in the city of Anne before the establishment of the Ottoman Empire. They discovered about Uthman that this boy would lay the foundation of a great empire in the future. And since then he has enthusiastically participated in the wars of Usman Ghazi. Kamral Abdal used to hold Uthman’s flag in Uthman’s wars. According to Idris Batalisi, Usman Ghazi also built a house in the city of Yeni for Kamral Abdal and named the adjoining villages and fields after him.

Mention of Sheikh in Tawarikh-ul-Uthman

Kumrul Abdal History Urdu - کمرل ابدال

Ashiq Pasha writes that Kamral Abdal was born in the year 1210, but history is silent on the area in which he was born. According to historical references, his name was Turgat or Drut. He was a close disciple of Sheikh Adibali. Sheikh Adibali lived in those days in a village called Atbarno, where Sheikh Sahib used to teach people religious as well as secular sciences. Because according to history, Sheikh Adibali is an organization of honest professional craftsmen which is in Turkey and in Arabic it is called Akhya Tehreek.

He was also an important part of it and it is written somewhere that he was its guide. The skilled people associated with this movement took up various professions with Islamic principles in mind. There, Kamral Abdal was present in the service of Sheikh Adibali and after receiving religious education from Sheikh Adibali, he also taught other people who came there according to his order. It is said that when Usman Ghazi stayed at the house of Sheikh Adibali, he had a famous dream. And after waking up, when he told his dream to Sheikh, Kamral Abdal was also there.

Sheikh Adibali had sent the interpretation of this dream about the establishment of the empire to Usman through Kamral Abdal. When Kamral Abdal announced the good news that he would lay the foundation of the empire, Usman Ghazi gave his sword and cup to Kamral Abdal as a reward.
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