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Baba Arouj Barbarossa elder brother of Khaziar Rais (Khair-ud-din Pasha)

Oruj ibn Abi Yusuf Yaqub Turkish or Oruç Reis , prestigious for in like manner the title of Pope Oruj and Oruj Reese , the head of the leader of Muslim generally well known for his kin the best religion of marine Abjahadahma in North Africa and the coast The Mediterranean during the tenth century AH identifying with the sixteenth century AD , he was brought into the world on the Ottoman island of Medeli , and worked in his youth in return between Thessalonikiand Agripos. He was gotten by the Knights of Rhodes for a period.

Ensuing to moving away from servitude, he arrived at the Mamluk Sultan Qansuh al-Ghouri and made him head of the fleet that he had set up to fight the Portuguese , anyway he was presented to a gigantic assault by the Knights of Rhodes that incited the completion of this naval force before it was done.


He arrived at the Ottoman ruler Karkod canister Bayezid II, and the last choice aided him after he gifted him a boat to start by and by. After this, he agreed with the Hafsi Sultan Abu Abdullah Muhammad al-Mutawakkil that he would stay in the port of Goulette, as a compromise for tending to him the expense of the royal gems that he and his sailors had acquired from his sea victories, as he was clutching European ships and assaulting their item.

Moreover, Arouj worked nearby his brotherDuring his visit in the West, Khair al-Din saved endless Andalusian outcasts who had moved away from the Spanish Inquisition , and during this period he acquired the name given to him by these people: ” Baba Arouj” .

A couple of savants acknowledge that the simple kin Oruj and the best religion and political they arrived at the Sultan of the Ottoman Selim I , and they sent him gifts and this movement present relations among them and the Ottoman Empire , and was a mystic and his kin , the best religion would inside and out in the control of the Ottomans on the western Mediterranean Sea and Algeria and their coercion with Tunisia of the Ottoman Empire .

Likewise, he opened the castle of Bejaia and the city of JijelAnd then he moved to the city ​​of Algiers, which he later directed and transformed into its emir in the wake of killing its ruler, “Salem Al-Toumi”, who thought up against him, and used the Spanish forces.

He in like manner joined the city of Tennis to his effect, and he appended the city of Tlemcen after the presence of an assignment of its family to him. After an assault that persevered through a half year by the Spanish forces with their Arab partners, the city of Tlemcen fell and Aruj was strengthened in its internal royal residence, and he got away from there on and was followed by a Spanish group that sorted out some way to kill him and his men in the year 924 AH contrasting with 1518 AD .

After his end, Arouj left an uncommon legacy, tended to by the establishment of a strong express that continued for very nearly three centuries. After his passing, Algeria transformed into an Ottoman state, and his more young kin and substitution Khair al-Din transformed into its watchman by the Ottoman Empire, and the Sultan gave him the title of ” Berbak .”

Oruj is a result of the start of Turkish His father is “Jacob Agha” One of the Knights of Alspahih to the Ottomans who settled in the island Medela after the opening shot of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror , the senior kin of Barbarossa , who succeeded him in the norm of Algeria , which later transformed into the coordinating general of the task forces of the Ottoman, and the move of two kin Others are Isaac and Elias, both of whom were killed during their constant victories.

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