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Who was Sheikh Adabali and what was his role in the Ottoman Caliphate?

Sheikh Adibali, born in 1206 AD in Anak, Turkey. Sheikh Adibali was a Turkish Sufi Sheikh known for his justice and education. He was also known as Balisheh. Sheikh Adibali was instrumental in shaping the growing form and policies of the Ottoman Empire in the Turkish city of Sogut.

Descendants of the Banu Tamim tribe and the Al-Khatr family, they were highly respected in the religious circles of the Muslim world at that time. It is said that Artigul Ghazi and his sons saw a compiled version of the Holy Quran in place of Sheikh Adibali and they were very surprised.

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Ertughal Ghazi, the chief of the Qai tribe, was very close to Sheikh Adibali. Sheikh Adibali often conveyed the teachings of Islam to Artagal. They also discussed various issues of Anatolia’s diverse population.

Usman Ghazi son of Artagul Ghazi also used to visit Sheikh Adibali often. Usman Ghazi liked to be in his company and thus Sheikh Adibali became his spiritual guardian. Later, he was awarded the Sheikh’s sword.

Sheikh Adibali had two sons named Mahmood Pasha and Muhammad Pasha and two daughters named Malhoon Khatun and Rabia Bala Khatun.

During a visit to Sheikh Adibali’s Dargah (Holy Place), Usman Ghazi saw Sheikh Adibali’s daughter Rabia Bala Khatun and fell in love with her. So this became another reason for his visits to Adibali Dargah. Usman Ghazi also confessed his love for Rabia Bala Khatun to Sheikh Adibali but due to his social status gap, he was not willing to marry Usman to his daughter.

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